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Wrongful Death Suit By Family Of ‘Street Outlaws: Fastest In America’ Star Ryan Fellows

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The family of the late Street Outlaws: Fastest In America star Ryan Fellows have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Why did they make this filing? Here are the latest details.

Ryan Fellows’ Family Sues For Street Outlaw Star’s Wrongful Death

On Friday, TMZ reported that the family of late Street Outlaws: Fastest In America star Ryan Fellows is suing Warner Bros. Discovery, and Lions Gate Entertainment. They filed a wrongful death suit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

They are suing due to what they call “negligence.” In addition, they believe this led to their loved one dying in a fiery crash. They shared their reason for their concern.

According to the celebrity news outlet, the documents shared why the deceased reality star’s family believed they were negligent. They shared that the drag race road “did not meet industry safety standards for drag racing.”

They described the rough, “weather-beaten” asphalt road suffered from the extreme weather in Nevada. The road is called “dusty.”  The surviving family does not believe that this met “industry safety standards.”

Moreover, they believe that the defendants could have moved the race to a road that met safety standards.

Street Outlaws-
Street Outlaws-

Discovery Shares Statement On Death Of Street Outlaws Star Ryan Fellows

On Saturday, Deadline shared a statement from Discovery, after the family of the Street Outlaws’ family filed.

The Street Outlaws family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows. We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan’s loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.

We continue to extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan’s loved ones and the entire Street Outlaws family. We cannot comment on pending litigation.

They are not commenting on this case.

What Happened In Discovery Show Crash?

What happened in the accident during the filming of Discovery’s Street Outlaws: Fastest In America? In August, 41-year-old Ryan Fellows was killed when racing his gold Nissan 240z against another driver. It was early in the morning. They were filming just out of Las Vegas. By the time Ryan was set to race, other cars had already raced. Now it was time for Fellows to race against another talent.

The race went as planned, but things changed when Fellows got closer to the finish line. It appears that the Street Outlaws star lost control of his vehicle. The Nissan crashed, then rolled over. Next, it went into flames.

Onlookers tried to help Fellows, but the fire was so intense that they could not do anything. Sadly, he was not saved. Moreover, Discovery filming ended early when this happened.

Finally, Ryan Fellows is survived by his wife Elizabeth Fellows, his son Josiah, and his daughter Olivia.

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