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‘My 600-Lb. Life:’ Is Steven Assanti Dead At 40?

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A shocking screenshot of an Instagram post reporting My 600-Lb. Life Steven Assanti was dead at the age of 40 has been making rounds on Facebook. Upon closer inspect, the Instagram post was made from Steven’s account. The caption suggested that a friend or loved one took over his account to announce his death.

Unsurprisingly, this has also caused “Steven Assanti dead” and “Steven Assanti 2023 obituary” to trend on social media as TLC fans look for details on his passing.

Deep diving into Steven Assanti’s Instagram post, TLC fans are discovering the post announcing he was dead has been deleted from the profile. This turn of events leaves fans with a lot of questions.

Steven Assanti Instagram page


Is Steven Assanti dead? Why was this post deleted? Tv Shows Ace dug into this mystery and got some answers.

My 600-Lb. Life: Is Steven Assanti Dead At 40?

Below is a screenshot of the post that was made on Steven’s Instagram profile claiming he was dead:

Steven Assanti - Instagram
Steven Assanti – Instagram

In the caption of the Instagram post, someone with access to his account announced that he passed away. The post cited his cause of death was his heart giving out. This tracked with Steven’s recent posts announcing that he was dying and didn’t know how much time he had left. He followed up with another post explaining that he was diagnosed with heart failure and had fluid building up around his heart.

In separate posts, Steven also revealed that he recently moved somewhere new. And, he was in need of financial assistance. He, however, wasn’t asking for hand outs. He encouraged his followers to purchase a Cameo to help him out.

Why Did The Post Get Deleted?

Now, this post was made on his very real account. It, however, was swiftly deleted. Moreover, the account remains active. In fact, there was a Q&A just posted on his profile offering to answer questions. Unsurprisingly, one of the questions was from a fan questioning if he was actually alive. The fan noted they saw a post confirming he was dead.

My 600lb Life Steven Assanti Youtube
My 600lb Life Steven Assanti Youtube

Steven responded to the question that he was alive and well. He proceeded to explain his Instagram account was hacked. And, the person who hacked it was the person who published the post claiming that he was dead.

The screenshot continues to make rounds on social media stirring the rumors that Steven Assanti is dead. He, however, is very much alive and “doing well” according to his most recent update.

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