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More Details Emerge On Christine Brown’s Alleged New Beau

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It appears that more details about Christine Brown’s new beau have been discovered. Though she was fine with gushing about him, the mother of six wanted to keep his identity under wraps. Yet, she said that she was very excited to share him with the world when the time was right. However, the internet world was extremely eager to figure out who this mystery man was. It seems that they have and now that he’s been uncovered, what is there to know about him? A lot. Read on for more details.

More Details Emerge On Christine Brown’s Alleged New Beau

Christine Brown was very open that she had met a new man and was in an exclusive relationship. The only details that she shared were that she was very happy and that he was an amazing man. This was clear as she was beaming speaking of her mystery beau. Furthermore, he was great to her youngest child, Truely which was vital for any man coming into their lives. Then, Backwoods Barbi took to her channel and shared that she believed she had found this man after a lot of digging.

Christine Brown/YouTube
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His name is apparently Dave Woolley and he also appears to be a family man. Now, according to The Sun, more has been uncovered about Dave and his past. He is originally from San Diego but now currently owns his own construction company, David Woolley Drywall. Additionally, he likes to be outside as he has a hunting license. This was something that Christine noted she struggled with when it came to her ex-husband, Kody. She loves to be outdoors with her girls but Kody rarely joined them if ever.

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Furthermore, Christine Brown likes to hike and recently went rock climbing with her daughters, Ysabel and Truely so this is perfect. Back to Dave as he is also a father. He has eight children and is also a grandparent which he proudly displays on his social media. Unlike Christine, he is not divorced but rather a widower. Finally, he is 59 and lives just thirty minutes from the Sister Wives star. So, this is really just a dream situation.

Living Her Best Life

It is clear that Dave is just icing on the cake for Christine Brown. She has been over the moon being in Utah, closer to her children and her three grandkids. They spend a lot of time together which she adores. Now, it appears that her smile has just gotten even bigger with the addition of a new man who brings a lot to the table. This is what she has needed for a long time and more than what she deserves.

What are your thoughts on Christine Brown’s new beau? Do you think that they make a good match? Let us know in the comments below.


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