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‘LPBW’ Jeremy Roloff Warm With Shoes While Kids Barefoot?

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Is former LPBW star Jeremy Roloff keeping warm by wearing shoes while letting his kids go barefoot? His wife, Audrey Roloff, shared a new photo that raised questions about his priorities and how he cares for his children. Scroll down to check out the picture and see what’s going on here.

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff show off their latest projects.

Last summer, Jeremy and Audrey packed up their family of five and moved into a new house. The couple and their three kids, Ember, 5, Bode, 3, and Radley, 1, seem to love the home and the piece of property they’re on now. It holds a lot of sentimental value too.

Since moving in several months ago, the former LPBW stars have been hard at work on various renovations inside and outside of the house. Thanks to social media, fans get to see it all as it happens. Audrey and Jeremy share frequent updates about what they’re changing and sometimes ask for their followers’ opinions.

While sharing about a recent project, Audrey might have shown something she didn’t intend for fans to see.

Jeremy Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Jeremy Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

LPBW alum Jeremy Roloff keeps warm as his kids go barefoot?

On Instagram on Friday, Audrey filmed Jeremy, Ember, and Bode as they hung out in the garage. She revealed that they were working on a brooder for the chicks. As Audrey took fans into her garage, she revealed that Jeremy was warm and cozy in a pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Ember and Bode were barefoot on the cold garage floor.

In the snaps, Jeremy can be seen wearing a tee shirt, a sweatshirt, jeans, and Crocs. His daughter Ember is only in a thin long-sleeved dress, while Bode wears a pair of thin pajamas.

Below, you can see a couple of photos of what was going on in the Roloffs’ garage.

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – Instagram
Audrey Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – Instagram

It’s possible that the kids weren’t out in the garage for long. If Jeremy Roloff was the one doing the work, his kids might have come out to see it for a short time before heading back inside. Hopefully, it wasn’t too cold on their feet.

So, what do you think of Jeremy Roloff wearing shoes while his kids go barefoot in the cold garage? Do you think there’s a good explanation for this? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW alums.

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