‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Shows Off Clutter Or Expensive Adult Toys?

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - YouTube

Former LPBW star Audrey Roloff gave fans a look into her home this week as she and Jeremy worked on various projects. Some of the items in the background of her snaps might have been shown for a specific reason. So, was she truly intending to show off the clutter? Or was she attempting to brag about her expensive adult toys? Keep reading to take a look inside the Roloffs’ home and see what is going on.

LPBW fans call out Audrey Roloff for constant bragging.

In the past, Audrey has faced backlash from fans over her constant bragging. They feel that she always has something to show off or boast about on social media. They think she often shares details about her life to flaunt her wealth and show just how successful she is. And many of her followers are getting tired of seeing it.

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – Instagram

Audrey Roloff shows off clutter and expensive adult toys.

On her Instagram Stories this week, Audrey took fans out to her garage where Jeremy was working on a project. She shared that he’s in the process of building a brooder for their chicks. As she filmed a look inside her garage, she wrote, “Don’t mind our garage,” which drew attention to the clutter and mess in the background.

However, as she filmed, she also happened to show off some of the expensive adult toys she and Jeremy have. It looks like there’s a treadmill, a UTV (utility task vehicle), an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), and more. Based on their social media posts, they have even more toys that are not visible in this particular video. One of Jeremy’s adult toys costs $50,000.

You can see the clutter and the expensive adult toys below.

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – Instagram
Audrey Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – Instagram

It’s unclear what Audrey’s true intentions were in sharing these snaps of her garage. It’s possible she really wanted to show fans Jeremy’s latest project. She might have ended up recording her messy garage in the process by accident. Based on her past brags on social media, it may not surprise LPBW fans if she was trying to show off the adult toys, which are proof of her wealth. Audrey doesn’t typically address the criticism she receives online.

So, do you think Audrey Roloff was trying to show off the clutter or the expensive adult toys? Does her post about her messy garage seem genuine to you? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW stars.

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  1. We have these same items. I run on my treadmill daily. We use our UTV to get around our property. Most people I know have these items as well. Nothing to show off and if I took a picture in my garage you would see them. This was the stupidest story ever!

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