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What Is Verdict Of ‘Yellowstone’s’ Q’orianka Kilcher’s Criminal Charges?

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Back in July, it was announced that Yellowstone star Q’orianka Kilcher was facing criminal charges. Firstly, what was her legal trouble? In addition, what verdict was issued on Friday?

We have the latest details.

What Is Yellowstone Star Q’orianka Kilcher’s Legal Verdict On Workman’s Comp Charges?

On Friday, Variety reported the verdict on Yellowstone star Q’orianka Kilcher’s criminal charges. The actress, whose cousin is the singer Jewel, and her Kilcher cousins star in Alaska: The Last Frontier, was facing some serious charges. The allegations were that she collected nearly $97,000 in Workman’s Compensation benefits.

Last spring, she was charged with two felony counts of insurance fraud, stemming from a workman’s compensation injury. Back in 2018, she suffered an injury while filming Dora And The Lost City Of Gold.

Kilcher was a passenger in a production vehicle on set. Another vehicle hit the one she was riding in. The New World star suffered injuries to her neck and right shoulder. Most of all, the neck pain made work very difficult. The pain caused her to not take any new work. In addition, she collected temporary disability insurance.

Between July and October 2019, Kilcher did return to work. This time, to Yellowstone. This is the block of time that the California Department of Insurance questioned.

Q'orianka Kilcher-
Q’orianka Kilcher-

The Workman’s Comp Insurance claims adjuster did not retroactively change their conclusion until after the charges were filed. Therefore, the judge dropped the case.

Camille Vasquez and Stephen Cook of Brown Rudnick LLP represented the actress. They spent six months investigating the case. They pointed out that the State of California Department of Insurance should not have made charges against Kilcher. The attorneys concluded this after spending six months sifting through the documents.


Q’orianka Kilcher ‘Beyond Grateful’

The Yellowstone star shared a statement after she was cleared of any wrongdoings. She had always contended that she did not receive benefits that she did not deserve. She has always said that she was communicative about her actions throughout her injury and insurance payments.

 Today, I am beyond grateful that my case has been dismissed – tomorrow my journey begins to help raise awareness and demand more transparency for worker’s rights within the workers comp system.

I want to thank my attorneys, Camille Vasquez and Steve Cook, for their steadfast belief in my innocence – without their advocacy, we would not be here today. Finally, I want to thank my family, friends, fans, and fellow industry peers whose support has kept me going. I look forward to shedding more light on this experience and continuing to do the work I love.

Kilcher currently stars in Yellowstone as Angela Blue Thunder. You can see the series from the beginning on Peacock. Yellowstone will return later this year, or perhaps into early 2024.

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