Savannah Chrisley Doesn’t Want To Be Grayson & Chloe’s Mother 

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Chrisley Knows Best fans are heartbroken for Chloe as she’s essentially got a third person (Savannah) stepping into the role of her mother. Turns out, however, Savannah isn’t interested in being Grayson or Chloe’s mother. Savannah stands firm on the fact that they have an incredible mother who she believes will be home a lot sooner than seven years from now.

Chloe Chrisley struggles to keep a mother

As fans know, Chloe Chrisley hasn’t had the easiest go of holding onto a mother. For starters, her biological mother shared custody of Chloe with Todd for a period of time before ultimately losing it when she ended up behind bars. It has recently been confirmed that Chloe’s biological mother did give up her parental rights allowing Julie and Todd to adopt her.

A month ago, Todd and Julie surrendered themselves for their 12 and 7-month prison stints. This resulted in Savannah Chrisley stepping up to the plate as the role of mother for Chloe.

Savannah Chrisley - Grayson - Chloe Instagram
Grayson – Chloe Instagram

Now, despite them legally adopting Chloe, fans have NEVER felt good about Todd and Julie referring to their granddaughter Chloe as their daughter. So, it stands to reason they would be even less comfortable with Savannah referring to herself as Chloe and Grayson’s mother. Savannah, however, wants it to be clear that isn’t a title she’s interested in.

Savannah Chrisley doesn’t want to be Grayson and Chloe’s mother

Savannah Chrisley doesn’t want to be their mother. During her most recent podcast episode, Savannah explained that she isn’t Grayson and Chloe’s mother. And, she doesn’t want to be. She is their big sister and that is the position she wishes to stay in.

Julie Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley - Todd Chrisley - Grayson Chrisley Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Chloe Chrisley – Todd Chrisley – Grayson Chrisley Youtube

Savannah Chrisley, however, admits she is in a difficult position. She doesn’t want to be their mother. But, she has to act as a mother and make parental decisions. Likewise, she’s also not required to punish and discipline when necessary. (Not something she had to worry about in the big sister position).

Fortunately, Chloe Chrisley did reassure her big sister she was doing a “pretty good job” handling the situation. This, however, was also the moment that Savannah realized her sister Chloe and Grayson were watching and looking up to her. So, she needed to get herself together and provide them with a calm and peaceful living situation.

Fans feel for Savannah, Chloe, and Grayson as they navigate this difficult situation.

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