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Rachel Recchia Fires Back At Zach Shallcross Shade

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Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is firing back after Zach Shallcross has seemingly thrown some shade her way. She appeared on the Almost Famous podcast recently and revealed her thoughts on his comments. She also talked about the time they spent together in the fantasy suite. What did she dish out about Zach and their past relationship? Keep reading to find out more.

Rachel Recchia responds to Zach Shallcross shade

Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is firing back after Zach Shallcross seemed to throw shade at her. Zach has said that once he and Rachel were in the fantasy suite together that she was different. Neither one of them would ever confirm exactly what they talked about during that time. Zach did say he also felt he and Rachel were not really able to communicate with one another very well. This is something Zach feels very firm on that there needs to be good communication.

US Weekly shared more of what Zach has said about time with Rachel. Another big point brought up to Zach is if he felt Rachel was acting. He admitted he wasn’t sure. He said, “My mind went so many different directions because it was like, ‘OK, if this is you, then who was I with on this entire journey?’” Zach continued saying, “This is my fear for this season — people putting it on for the camera. Like, are you here for, like, the followers or Instagram and this and that or to be famous? Or are you actually open at the idea of finding love and, like, being open to that? And I went through that with Rachel thinking about that afterward. I was like, ‘Wait, which one was it?’”

During his premiere, Rachel was brought up again and he seemingly threw a little shade when he said their relationship lacked honesty and clarity.

Rachel wasn’t too thrilled with Zach’s comments. In fact, she was rather hurt and shocked by it all.

Rachel Recchia and Zach Shallcross via YouTube

What did she say?

Rachel did say she was shocked to hear the things Zach had to say about her. She said, “All this talk about, ‘I want someone who’s authentic on and off camera,’ as if me choosing or feeling stronger feelings for other people somehow made me not authentic or if us not aligning on certain important views, makes him wrong. It’s just really honestly shocking to hear him still kind of paint me in this, like, really negative light where I thought at our After the Final Rose, we kind of did make up.”

Her biggest issue is his insinuating that she was acting. Rachel said she did care about Zach and wanted to see if they aligned. However, by the time they got into the fantasy suite, her heart was already pulling her towards someone else.

Rachel Recchia Via YouTube1

When questioned about what they didn’t align on she wouldn’t give a clear answer. However, she did say they talked about raising children and other important things. They talked about what life would look like off camera and they didn’t align on what they wanted. She also said the chemistry off-camera just wasn’t there.

What do you think about Rachel being hurt by Zach’s comments? Did you think she was acting with Zach?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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