Julie Chrisley’s Plastic Surgeon Begs Court For Mercy

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Julie Chrisley’s plastic surgeon is standing up for her and begging the court for mercy. He is praising the Chrisley Knows Best star with the clear hopes that her sentence will be reduced. However, what exactly did this surgeon say in an attempt to get on the court’s good side? More so, do the fans think that he has any credibility in this case? Read on for more details and to see the letter he wrote to try to save his dear friend.

Julie Chrisley’s Plastic Surgeon Begs Court For Mercy

Obviously, there are some people who believe that Todd and Julie Chrisley did not deserve the punishment that they got. Todd was sentenced to twelve years behind bars while his wife, Julie received seven years. Furthermore, they were sent to separate places as Todd is in Pensacola and Julie is in Kentucky. Plus, they are struggling to communicate and most likely won’t see each other until Julie is released. Did Julie deserve to be implicated? That is debatable but one person who is standing up for the reality star is her plastic surgeon.

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According to a Reddit thread, a plastic surgeon close to Julie Chrisley wrote a letter on her behalf to get lessen her time. Dr. Jacob G. Unger basically begged the court to grant mercy to Julie. In his letter, he shared that she was not just a “family friend” but a “professional confidant” whom he had known for a long time. Additionally, he alluded to her being trustworthy and never felt that she had any “ulterior motives.” More so, Dr. Unger noted that Julie’s family and being a good person were vital to her.

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[Credit: Reddit]
He concluded with G*d being her core so he had absolutely no problem going to bat for Julie Chrisley. Fans were quick to respond to this letter. “Of course he is going to write this. He has lost two good customers!!” one noted. Another added: “The writing makes me cringe. Stick to surgery.” Finally, a Redditor chimed in with: “Between Todd & Julie alone, they prob paid his whole way! Of course he don’t want to loose them.” It’s clear that no one really trusts that this doctor’s motives were pure.

Todd Can’t Be Trusted

Despite being behind bars, new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best have started to air. In the premiere episode, Julie Chrisley was livid with Todd as he had repeatedly lied to her. Fans then alluded to the fact that he just cannot be trusted. Now, they are both paying the price for bank fraud and tax evasion. It does not appear that this plastic surgeon’s letter has done much but will he still be there when Julie is released?

Do you think what this doctor said holds any water? Let us know and watch new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best Mondays on USA.

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  1. The sentence is extremely excessive for both of them. compare it to the Gudices. No comparison. it should be modified, especially Julie’s. She. has young kids who need her. It’s a travesty of justice.

    1. But if you think about it, the Guddices got the raw deal in their situation. When Joe was released he was deported. The Chrisleys get to go back home to their kids and family!!

  2. If these people were anyone else but celebrities you wouldn’t even give them the time of day for the crimes they committed.They were proven guilty, due the time and stop whining, Your no better then the next person that engaged in tax crimes. How can they be so righteous if they are no better then what other people have done, and must serve their time with out being treated with special care. Don’t trust a thief!!!

  3. it’s not that I don’t trust Tod. I don’t trust a government that comes after you just for the only reason you say on national television you hate the irs

  4. she is guilty as he is. U do the crime u do the tim. u know if u don’t pay ur taxes then u need to go to jail . but if the other thing if she didn’t know about the money laundrying then she don’t need to go to jail for but something tells me she knew about it to but there accounten should of gotten more time tho .

  5. Makes you wonder when a surgeon doesn’t know when to use “whom” properly and misuses the word “ ultimately” in the same letter.

  6. I have no sympathy. They did the crime so they do the time. I didn’t do anything except go to lunch with a co-worker. Not even a friend, just a co-worker. We walked 2 blocks from the office to the restaurant but he said he needed to stop in the bank 2 doors down first to cash a check. I had no idea he’d stolen the check from another co-worker, made it out to himself and forged the other co-worker signature on it. Simply because I was sitting in the bank lobby waiting for him, and then went out to lunch where he paid for us both, I got convicted of being a party to a crime and sentenced to 3 years, ended up getting released after 9 months but it still wrecked my life. I lost my job, my apartment, my car, everything I owned including the urns with my parent’s ashes in them. And my 9 year old brother that I was raising after my parents died got put in foster care. It took me 2 years to get him back because all the hoops and red tape I had to go through, plus nobody wanting to hire me for any good enough job to support us. Former co-worker got 7 years and I never saw or heard from him or about him again. If I had to do time just because I happened to be there when someone else committed a crime, those 2 need to do the time because they actually committed a crime a whole lot worse for a whole lot more money.

  7. First of all why are the Chrisley’s being so harshly punished when Donald trump and numerous other extremely rich individuals have committed so much more fraud then What the Chrisley’s are accused of, on top of the fact the claims were made by a very unscrupulous person! Our legal system is truly for the very richest, and that is not the Chrisley’s…

  8. Trump didn’t pay his taxes so he definitely needs to be in jail. He is also a big fat liar. Free the Chrisley.

  9. I often wonder what kind of people actually watch their show and are fans of this obnoxious family. Then I read the comments. Now I know exactly what kind of people watch that drivel.

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