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Hoda Kotb Praised For Her Beauty Blunder

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Fans praised Hoda Kotb for keeping it real. They’re loving her beauty blunder. She’s been sharing a lot of photos on Instagram lately. Keep on reading to learn more.

Hoda Kotb reveals her beauty blunder

The 58-year-old doesn’t try to live up to a certain image. She often keeps it real. Hoda Kotb took to Instagram to reveal that she’s staying hydrated. She posted a photo of her bottle of Fiji water. This wasn’t your typical celebrity sponsorship.

Hoda Kotb [Source: Today Show | YouTube]
[Source: Today Show | YouTube]
Hoda wanted to highlight the frozen temperatures that took place last weekend. New York City was feeling the plunge in negative temperatures. This week is different since it’s been in the upper 50s and 60s in most parts. Her bottle of water ended up freezing in her car.

“Got in car… a leftover half bottle of water=ice cube,” Hoda Kotb wrote in the caption. “Frozen solid. Hello freezy days.”

Hoda Kotb Holds Fiji Water [Source: Hoda Kotb - Instagram]
[Source: Hoda Kotb – Instagram]
Most of her fans were focused on her beauty blunder. They praised the Today Show co-host for keeping it “real.” She revealed her imperfect manicure. Hoda’s red nail polish on her thumb chipped off.

  • “What I love most about this is that it shows you’re human with two two young kiddos & could care less about your manicure.”
  • “Can I just say, I love that you aren’t perfect. Who cares if you’re in need for a manicure! You are an amazing person & I’m so glad you put your girls first and don’t sweat the little stuff like a manicure.”
  • “She works so hard! I love your nails. They look like mine. Too busy living and loving life to sit all the time for our nails. You’re the best mom and person…”

Meanwhile, other fans wanted Hoda Kotb’s stylist secrets. One asked her about the “gold and silver bracelets” that she wears on the show. The fan wanted to know the designer. There were also some trolls who slammed her manicure.

Today Show co-host trolled over her manicure

Other critics were hiding in the comment section. Most of them called out Hoda Kotb for her chipping manicure. They offered advice even though she probably doesn’t need it. Hoda will probably get a manicure before the next broadcast of Today.

  • “How do you need cuticle oil?”
  • “You need a manicure!”
  • “U rich… u need a manicure.”
  • “I should say that Yes in deed [sic] you need a manicure and some oil on those nails…”
  • U need a manicure!!! When u can …… stay warm…, from FLL with LOVE😍😍😍

What are your thoughts on Hoda Kotb’s beauty blunder? Do you love that she keeps it real? Or, do you think she needs a manicure? Sound off below in the comment section.

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