Gwendlyn Brown Showcases Her Beautiful Child & Future Wife

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Gwendlyn Brown took to Instagram in the past 24 hours to showcase her beautiful child and equally beautiful future wife, Beatriz Queiroz. It was on her Instagram Story that she shared the photo of her child and future wife snuggled up on the couch together.

Gwendlyn Brown Showcases Her Beautiful Child And Future Wife

On her Instagram Stories, Kody Brown and Christine’s engaged daughter shared a sweet photo of her child and her future wife. In the photo, Beatriz Queiroz was sitting on a couch curled up under blanket. Gwen’s child was on top of the blanket and stretched across Beatriz’s chest. Gwen’s child had a bizarre and twisted facial expression when the photo was snapped. It appeared as if Noel might’ve been chewing on something or growling when the photo was snapped.


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Gwendlyn did notice how bizarre her dog’s face looked and highlighted it by zooming in on it and cropping it out in a heart-shaped bubble on top of the snap of her future wife and the dog.

As those who follow Gwendlyn Brown on Instagram know, she had her dog Noel long before she started dating Beatriz Queiroz . So, fans are happy to see Gwendlyn’s fur child gets along well with her future wife.

While Gwen wasn’t always the most active person on Facebook, she has become increasingly more active since going public about her relationship updates with Beatriz. Likewise, she also became exceptionally more active when Janelle left Kody and Gwen realized she could make some money by interacting with the¬†Sister Wives¬†fanbase.


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She Has Shared Her Child With Fans Before

Despite not having a history of being super active on Instagram up until more recently, Gwendlyn did share posts about her child from time to time. This included a post about her fur baby throwing a tantrum after she didn’t get her way. And, a post about her dog’s concern after Gwendlyn was left with a busted bloody knee because a skateboarder ran over her.

Doing a bit of a deep dive into her Instagram profile, Gwendlyn wished her dog, Noel, a happy third birthday in January 2022. Gwen revealed the dog’s birthday was actually a month prior (in December). So, this means her child would have turned four about two months ago.

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Gwendlyn Brown Recently Celebrated Her Engagement

As fans know, Gwendlyn Brown and many of her siblings (including her mom Christine) came together in the past week to celebrate her engagement. Fans loved seeing Christine and her children coming together to celebrate Gwen and her fiance.

Overall, things seem to be going great for Gwendlyn Brown right now.

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