‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Gives Update On Zach’s Surgery, Thanks Fans

LPBW - Zach & Tori Roloff - YouTube

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Tori Roloff is giving fans an update on her husband Zach after his emergency surgery this week. What’s going on with Zach’s health? Is he okay now? Keep reading for the full update Tori shared with her social media followers.

As TV Shows Ace reported, earlier this week, Tori Roloff informed her Instagram followers that Zach needed surgery. She revealed that he needed to have a shunt replaced. This was unexpected, but his doctors promised it was routine. Tori stayed off of social media for a bit amid her husband’s medical concerns.

Now, the LPBW star is back with another update about her husband and his health.

LPBW - Zach & Tori Roloff - YouTube - Instagram
LPBW – Zach & Tori Roloff – YouTube – Instagram

Tori Roloff gives an update after Zach’s surgery.

In a new Instagram post on Thursday, Tori shared with fans how her husband is doing. She posted a couple of photos of him at the hospital after his surgery. His head is bandaged and he’s all hooked up to several different monitors.

In her caption, Tori told LPBW fans, “Zachary had emergency shunt revision this morning. It’s been a scary 72 hours but he is doing well and recovering!!”

She gave fans, friends, and family a shoutout and thanked them for all of their support and prayers. Amy Roloff, Zach’s mom, has been taking care of Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah back at the house.

The LPBW star continued, “I’m here praying that Zach’s recovery is quick and easy and that this will be our answered prayers to relieving his migraines!”

Then, she wrote a message to her hubby. She said, “You’re a freaking bad a**, Zach. You just had brain surgery… and handled it like a rockstar. I’m so proud of you.”

Below, you can check out the photos of Zach and read Tori’s full update.


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LPBW fans send love & prayers.

After reading Tori’s update and seeing the pictures of Zach in the hospital, fans are flooding the comments section with encouraging messages. Many are promising to pray for Zach to have a speedy recovery.

Matt Roloff commented, “I’m so happy, hopeful and prayerful that this fixes those darn migraines once and for all! Amen 🙏”

Fans are eager to get an update soon. Tori is pretty good about keeping fans in the loop about her family, so she may share more details soon enough. Of course, this is a challenging time for the whole family, so she may take some time to focus on Zach and the kids.

Continue to keep Zach and Tori’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

So, are you relieved to hear that everything went well with Zach’s surgery? Did you know about his emergency surgery before now? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloffs. Hopefully, Tori will share another update with LPBW fans soon.

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