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Fans Beg Amy Halterman To ‘Take Pride In Her Appearance’

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The new season of 1000-Lb Sisters is here! Amy Halterman and her sister, Tammy Slaton are working on their weight loss journeys, and they have had some hiccups. Tammy has had some health scares that made her family very nervous about what they would find out. They didn’t know if they would be planning her funeral, but she did come out of these scares. Amy is trying to get through her second pregnancy and has had some health issues. No matter what these two are doing on the show, Amy has had some fans beg her to change her appearance and step up her beauty routine.

What Fans Think Of Amy Halterman’s Look

In a recent post on a fan’s social media, they wrote, “I just wish that Amy would take pride in her appearance and sit upright in her interviews and stop acting like everything is either a joke or she’s clueless.” This comment is just one of many that Amy’s fans have added to their social media accounts. The TLC star is currently pregnant this season, but her fans really want her to make herself look better. She spends a lot of time changing her hair color, but it doesn’t seem as if she wants to change her appearance at all.

Amy Halterman - Michael Halterman - Youtube
Amy Halterman – Michael Halterman – Youtube

By looking at Amy, fans have noticed that her posture has gotten pretty bad. Fans understand that is pregnant, but she is making herself look worse by the way she sits and dresses. These fans are just pushing her to take better care f her appearance these days.

Amy’s Weight Loss Journey

Of course, this season of 1000-Lb Sisters will primarily focus on Tammy’s weight loss journey, but Amy has far to go too. Shortly after having gastric bypass surgery, she got pregnant and this seemed to push her weight loss journey further. During her second pregnancy, which we are now watching on the show, she has told herself that she can eat anything. Her fans have given her a lot of backlash for gorging on fatty foods. In fact, in the last episode of the show, she was having serious pains caused by eating pizza!

Amy’s doctor has told her that she needs to stick with eating fruits and vegetables in order to maintain a healthy weight during her pregnancy. She is very high risk because of her obesity. Will she ever decide to change her eating habits and try to get the exercise she needs to get to her goal weight?

Amy Halterman - youtube
Amy Halterman – youtube

What do you think of Amy’s appearance? Do you think that she should change her look? Do you think she would be taken more seriously if she did? We would love to hear your comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters.

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  1. This is just bullying…both the fans comments and this article. No one’s business. The show is a about her weight loss, not her fashion sense. Not everyone cares about clothes or appearances. Being that vapid is gross.

  2. I love Amy the way she is and I think she shouldn’t have to change for anything or anyone just let her live!!!

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