‘RHONJ’: Get To Know Newbie Danielle Cabral

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Season 13 of RHONJ premiered Tuesday night and new housewife, Danielle Cabral was introduced. Though viewers were immediately drawn to her hubby, they were curious about her, as well. So, what is there to know about the franchise newcomer? Read on for more details.

RHONJ: Get To Know Newbie Danielle Cabral

Danielle Cabral certainly made her mark on the Season 13 premiere of RHONJ. She was loud, blonde, and feisty. This mother knows exactly what she wants out of life and her marriage. Plus, she seems unafraid to speak her mind which could get her into a lot of trouble on the show. However, it could earn her a lot of respect as a new housewife as long as she does not overstep her bounds. Fans of the series seemed to really be intrigued by Danielle and her family. Yet, what should they know about her before the next episode? A lot.

Danielle Cabral/YouTube

According to Us Weekly, Danielle is from Staten Island, which was stated in the premiere. Therefore, she is not a true Jersey girl. Additionally, she was featured on the MTV reality series True Life which documented people in different life situations. Her episode was called “I’m a Staten Island Girl.” Admittedly, after seeing herself, the now 37-year-old attempted to lose her heavy accent but was told to keep it. It is a strong identifying feature.

Danielle Cabral/YouTube

Her husband, Nate is another asset to Danielle. She said on the premiere that they met in a club and he promised to give her the world and he delivered. The two now have two children, Dominic and Valentina, and have been married since 2012. As for work, he owns Flash Security Integrators whereas Danielle owns Boujie Kidz. This is an online children’s boutique as she has been obsessed with ensuring her kids have the best and hottest styles. She is seen putting a huge bow in her daughter’s hair during her real introductory scene.

Facing Off

Clearly, Danielle Cabral speaks her mind and is fine doing just that. However, she claims that she actually did want to make friends and connect when she joined the cast. “I came in wanting to build friendships with everybody. I think that starts off on a good clean slate, right?” the entrepreneur shared. She added that she did not come in thinking that she knew everything about the ladies. Rather, she wanted to see what could happen. Unfortunately, she does get into it with a former cast member, Jackie Goldschneider. Jackie has since demoted herself to focus on her health.

Are you excited to see what Danielle Cabral has to bring to the table this year? Did you like her when you first saw her or are you still on the fence? Let us know and watch RHONJ Tuesdays on Bravo.

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