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Amy Halterman Gets Torched Over Son’s Living Conditions

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Halterman is getting torched over how her eldest son, Gage has been living. In the latest episode of the TLC reality series, fans went crazy over one particular scene. They got so incensed that it went viral on Twitter. What exactly had fans up in arms? Read on for more details.

Amy Halterman Gets Torched Over Son’s Living Conditions

In the latest episode, Amy Halterman shared that she was potty training her son, Gage. This was a big deal for her as she believed that he was advanced and ready for the milestone. Plus, she has a second baby on the way so it would make sense that she would want this started prior to his arrival. However, viewers were not as invested in this big moment with Gage as they were in how messy Amy’s home was. Then, they noticed something particularly disturbing.


Fans saw that the bottom of Gage’s feet were practically black. According to The Sun, fans immediately flocked to Twitter to vent their frustrations over seeing Gage’s feet. “Yikes. That’s also the reason I don’t let people wear shoes in my house. Michael and Amy still have issues with their housekeeping,” one tweeted. Another was quick to add: “Amy doesn’t clean because she is pregnant. What is Michaels excuse?”

It did not stop there. One person did have this to note: “Amy and Michael are not motivated to have self-pride let alone pride in the home they bought. So they just let it get dirty. She has admitted in the past she is not a good housekeeper.” Finally, people encouraged Amy to invest in cleaning equipment. “Amy, girl, get a Swiffer or something and clean those damned floors… Gage’s feet are filthy!!!” It was basically all anyone could take about when it came to the sweet little boy as they just wanted him to be cleaned up.

More Drama Ahead

At the same time that Amy Halterman was dealing with the potty training situation, she started to feel really off. It forced her to go to the hospital, not sure what was wrong. Did her weight loss surgery go wrong or did she have gallbladder problems? She was really scared for the health of her baby boy, now named Glenn. Ultimately, she learned that it was just indigestion from the pizza that she had earlier. This apparently had occurred when she was pregnant with Gage and “he” was craving Chinese. Will Amy ever learn her lesson?

What did you think about Gage’s dirty feet and how Amy Halterman keeps her home? Is it suitable to bring in another baby? Let us know and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. My husband and I live alone in our 3 bd. 2 lg bathroom’s home. We sweep and mop at least 5 out of 7 days and still get dirty socks. We have ceramic tile throughout.

  2. Maybe Gabe was playing outside, Amy is dressed for warm weather,so it’s possible, not saying it’s what happened but I’m not being judgmental, he is a kid,
    kids get dirty, as long as he is cleaned up before he goes to bed.

  3. The home probably needs mopped more often but Amy has very poor vision. It’s possible she can’t see it. However with film crew etc tromping around she needs to have it hired done on the regular

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