‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Finally Joins Latest Trend

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Gabe Brown was the last Alaskan Bush People star holding out, but he has finally given in and joined Cameo. This means that every member of the Brown family still appearing on the Discovery Channel reality series has joined the platform.

Here is how Gabe made his announcement and how you can find him on Cameo.

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown joins Cameo

Bear Brown was the first of the Alaskan Bush People siblings to join Cameo. He announced he was doing it for $35, which was very low priced compared to other reality TV stars on the service. Bear quickly saw Noah and Bam follow him to the service and sign up as well.

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After this, both Birdie and Rain joined Cameo and it seemed like the entire family was on the site. However, one person remained absent from the rush to Cameo for the Brown family. Gabe Brown had not joined just yet but that has now changed.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Gabe released a video for his “Insta-Family.” He explained in the video that his brother told him about Cameo and that it was a perfect site for people who want “callouts” from him in a video. Gabe then pointed people to his bio for how to get to his Cameo account.

Gabe Brown driving a truck | episode screencap

He also said that he was there for birthday wishes or anything else. He finished with the comment that he knows some people are struggling out there and others are on top of the world. To those on top of the world, he said to enjoy it. This was yet another moment where Gabe Brown seems like things are not going as well for him as many hoped.

Where can you find Gabe Brown on Cameo?

Bear Brown has experienced a lot of success on Cameo. His reviews are outstanding and his ratings are almost perfect. Now, Gabe has a chance to share his unique perspective with fans in personalized videos as well.

Gabe Brown on IG

For those who don’t know anything about Cameo and insult people for doing them, it is a very popular service that celebrities offer fans. They are mostly used as gifts for loved ones, although some people buy them for themselves. It isn’t much different than getting an autograph from a beloved celebrity. On top of that, the Alaskan Bush People cast charges much less than other top celebrities.

Floyd Mayweather charged $15,000 for a Cameo. Other high-priced Cameo prices include Dr. Oz ($500), JoJo Siwa ($500), Ice Cube ($750), and Snoop Dogg ($1,200).

As for Gabe Brown, Alaskan Bush People fans can find him here, and he charges $40.

Have you bought a Cameo from any of the Alaskan Bush People stars? Do you have one you would want over another? Let us know in the comments below.

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