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‘Sister Wives’ The Cruelest Kody & Robyn Brown Kiss Revealed

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Sister Wives fans have tapped into the cruelest Kody and Robyn Brown kiss. In the latest seasons of the TLC show, fans have called out the Brown family patriarch for preferential treatment of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. However, it seems like his favoritism started even before the two were married. So, what is this infamous kiss fans are talking about and when did it happen? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Was Heavily Invested In His Fourth Wedding

In the debut season of the TLC show, fans saw Kody Brown introduce a fourth wife to the family while Christine was pregnant with Truely Brown. When Kody got married to Christine, he didn’t even have time to plan the wedding and had difficulties taking time off work. The father of eighteen admitted that he was ill-prepared and distant. Yet, for his wedding with Robyn, he was heavily invested.

Kody Brown Robyn Brown YouTube

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However, the cracks in the family started appearing before Kody and Robyn got married. This was prominent when Christine Brown was at the hospital and in labor, awaiting her husband’s return. While any man would stay by his wife’s side when she is giving birth, Kody was at Robyn’s house kissing behind her back. In the very same season, Christine had noted that a plural wife shouldn’t kiss her husband before they are married. She even admitted that she was hurt after she learned that Kody kissed Robyn to seal their engagement.

Sister Wives Fans Kody Brown Is A Dweeb

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed this scene as one noted it was sad because “I remember Christine talking about one of the great things about labor is that you get Kody’s full attention. Kody is such a dweeb. And he’s in like full dweeb glory the moment he gets caught by the camera. I don’t understand how he bamboozled these women into thinking he was attractive.”

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Another fan claimed, “What is so gross is he should have taken Christine to the hospital and not left her side until the baby was born.”

Robyn Defends Her Kiss With Kody Brown

During a Q&A session with fans on Twitter, Robyn defended the kiss. The mother of five also explained why Kody had to stop by her house. She stated that Kody needed a change of clothes before he headed back to the hospital to be by Christine’s side.

However, some fans didn’t agree with Robyn’s claims and said, “Let’s say that’s true for a moment. What kind of husband is concerned with what he’s wearing while his wife is in labor? Like oh sorry, you’re uncomfortable, Kody.”

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They even pointed out that Robyn tried to delay Kody by offering him snacks even if he kept saying no.

What do you think of this cruel kiss shared by Kody and Robyn Brown? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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  1. Robyn and Kody deserve each other. Why any woman would want him for a husband boggles my mind. And then to share his silly ass with 3 other women? Ha! Disgusting.

  2. Your 3 wives that got away, are so blessed with happiness. They know freedom and meeting normal, people that e nrich their lives .

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