Kody Brown Loses New Prospective Wife, Actively On The Prowl

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Kody Brown is actively on the prowl after losing a prospective new wife. He had been down and out after three of his wives left him between Seasons 16 and 17 of Sister Wives. However, he knew that his fourth wife, Robyn only wanted to live in polygamy. Plus, this is really all Kody has known. Therefore, he had apparently found someone that he was looking to take to the next level. So, what ended up happening? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Loses New Prospective Wife, Actively On The Prowl

Though his ex-wife, Christine said she did not think he would, it appears that Kody Brown is still searching for a new wife. In early 2021, Christine told Kody that she was leaving the plural family after twenty-five years as his third wife. Then, during the Season 17 tell-all, both Kody’s first and second wives revealed they were done with the marriage, as well. His first wife, Meri said that she saw what Kody had been saying about their marriage being over for years. Therefore she knew that Kody had made the decision to end their relationship long before she had.

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As for his second wife, Janelle, she just confirmed that they had been separated for some time and she had never been happier. He was left with his only legal wife, Robyn, who he married in 2010 (legally in 2014). According to The Sun, the couple had found a woman that they really liked. This comes from someone who is close to several production sources on Sister Wives. “Kody and Robyn have been actively pursuing a new wife. They have been courting a ‘new potential wife’ for about three months,” per Tender Loving Care…? podcast co-host, Pauline Bithell.

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Furthermore, she added: “They started filming [the courtship] around December, but they’ve been chatting online and via phone calls for about three months previous to that. They were actively seeking this woman through dating websites, which they claim they’ve never done before.” Apparently, this woman was quite young and new to polygamy life. Additionally, their conquest was not from America and everyone gathered in Mexico.

What Happened Next?

It appears that, after the lady met Robyn and Kody Brown in Mexico, she started to feel awkward about everything. Therefore, the courtship was halted. Now, Kody is embarrassed by what has transpired and is doing his best to ensure that this never sees the light of day. Keep in mind that he and Robyn live next door to a producer for the show. This means he does have some connections. Kody is further upset because he supposedly did feel deeply for this woman and now he has been abandoned once again. To make himself feel better, he is in a rush to find someone new to fill the void but can he? Only time will tell.

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