Jana Duggar Forced Into Tiny Home Amid Endangerment Charge?

Jana Duggar - Instagram

Was Jana Duggar forced into a tiny home amid her child endangerment charge? The former Counting On star now lives in a tiny home rather than her parents’ big home. There is speculation that this has to do with her charge. Keep reading for all of the details about her charge, as well as her living situation.

YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared a new post this weekend, speculating about Jana’s living situation. She previously reported that the eldest Duggar daughter lives in a tiny home on the property. But now, it looks like there could be even more to the story.

Jana Duggar - Instagram
Jana Duggar – Instagram

Jana Duggar is charged with child endangerment.

Katie Joy previously broke the news that Jana was charged with child endangerment. The eldest Duggar daughter allegedly fell asleep while watching her nieces and nephews at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. One toddler got outside and was found over half a mile away from the house. Fortunately, she was unharmed.

The authorities got involved, and Jana ultimately pled guilty, paying an $880 fine.

Jana Duggar did publicly comment on her charge but hasn’t said anything since it happened.

Could this be an explanation for her move?

As we recently reported, Jana appears to be living in a tiny home on her parents’ property. Katie Joy doesn’t think Jana moved out for independence though. She explained, “After DHS got involved, Anna Duggar and her kids moved out of the warehouse and into the main home.”

On Instagram, Katie Joy said she spoke with experts in this area to get more insight into these types of cases. The YouTuber explained, “Given that Jana had an open case related to one of Anna’s kids it’s probable she was not allowed to live in the same home as the girl. Individuals that plead guilty to child endangerment can also be placed in the Child Maltreatment registry which can prohibit them from living with children or the child victim.”

Below, you can read Katie Joy’s full post about the situation and how it might have forced Jana out of her parents’ home.


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Of course, the Duggar family has kept pretty quiet about the endangerment charge. So, the truth isn’t public, and there’s quite a bit of speculation about it all. Some fans seem to be convinced that Jana Duggar’s endangerment charge pushed her out of her parents’ big home.

So, do you think Jana Duggar might have been forced into a tiny home after her child endangerment charge? Or do you think the timing was purely coincidental? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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  1. Anna and her kids were moved into the main house, by Jim Bob and Michelle to keep better control of Anna. God forbid she grew a mind if her own to leave that horrible family. But, she still can’t provide for her kids or herself, they made sure.
    I hope Anna’s case is solved quickly and since she’s already one step out if tge big house, she can move on to her own independence.

  2. Doubtful. Katie Joy is a known menace and liar with shaky sources she very rarely has proof even exist. Jana isn’t on that registry. It’s a PUBLIC registry just like the sex offender registry. It’s for public safety so it isn’t hidden information. To get on that list you have to do way more than lose one child. Absolutely SHOCKING Katie Joy left that information out. Also kind of sad you wasted your time on this article but obviously didn’t research any of the claims she made. A+ bad reporting! 👌 You make the Duggars claims of false reporting on them true which gives this cult ammo to convert people. Shame on you and Katie Joy!

  3. Jana old enough to live her life and get out of that mess. I’m glad the other dugger girls are breaking out of the cult Jim Bob don’t seem to have much control over here in getting married like he did with the other ones

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