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Meet Mama Mary Schmucker In Person, Details Here

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Return to Amish alum Mama Mary Schmucker is doing a meet and greet very soon. For fans of Mama Mary, this is a great opportunity, especially after all of her health struggles. Plus, she always has such wise words and wisdom, it would be such fun to have a few moments just to pick her brain. More so, to be in her presence would be a true gift. So, how can you meet Miss Mary? Read on for more details.

Meet Mama Mary Schmucker In Person, Details Here

Mary Schmucker may have left Return to Amish in Season 5 but fans have consistently kept up with her. They were especially devastated when she was rushed to the ICU in November 2021. Fortunately, within a short period of time, she was back with her daughter-in-law Rebecca, crocheting afghans, which she loves. Then, things took a turn and it was revealed that Mary had cancer. All of her fans rallied around her, sending thoughts and prayers, and doing whatever they could to support Mama Mary.

Mary Schmucker/YouTube

Last April, she revealed that she had colon cancer. At the time, she shared that she was not going to do anything invasive other than surgery. She had opted out of chemotherapy for the time being but, by July 2022, Mama Mary Schmucker shared that she would undergo chemo. Furthermore, she made light of the fact that, because of her weight, she might not get as sick from the chemo. Additionally, she has been selling Tupperware when she is not crocheting.

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Thanks to her Tupperware, fans will have the chance to meet the mother to all. Her former RTA co-star and longtime friend, Jeremiah Raber shared the details on Facebook. It will take place on February 11th at The Food Pantry in Brookville, PA. There will be questions, food, and games. Most importantly, there will be Mama Mary and she will be able to connect with those who have been supporting her throughout her journey, near and far.

Healing & Crocheting

Though Mary Schmucker’s body did not handle the chemo well, there was another option and the tumor shrunk significantly. It was sad because the cancer had spread to her glands but, as of October, she was very optimistic. Additionally, she and Jeremiah had found some of her old cookbooks and would be auctioning them off. For those who want to keep up with Mary, she often makes videos on her Instagram page where she is crocheting. It is peaceful and lovely to see Mary Schmucker doing what she loves.

So, if you are in the Brookville area on February 11th, this is the perfect opportunity to meet Mama Mary. Will you take the time to stop by and say hi? Let us know in the comments below.

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