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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Brags Jackson Cleans Their Messy Home

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Tori Roloff, from Little People, Big World, has always been very open about her life at home. Since moving to Washington, she has loved showing off her house with her fans and followers. She and her husband, Zach Roloff moved into their new home not too long ago. Tori loves her house, but her fans have been very critical of her housekeeping. In fact, she has gotten a lot of backlash for how dirty her home is. Interestingly enough, now it looks as if her oldest, Jackson, wants to help out.

Jackson Helps Tori Roloff Clean The Messy House

It is always nice to have a helper around the house and now that Jackson is getting older, he wants to help. Recently, Tori Roloff shared on her Instagram account that he was cleaning! The photo that she shared featured Jackson holding a mop and cleaning the house. She captioned it, “A kid after my own heart. He asked me to mop the floors! Doesn’t cut corners either… he moved the rug!” Although the house looks very clean in the new photos, Tori has had a lot of hate when it comes to sharing other photos of her home.

Tori Roloff- Instagram
Tori Roloff- Instagram

Of course, when reality stars shared their lives online, they do get a lot of hate. Tori Roloff is no different. She has had to clap back at haters when it comes to criticizing her home. Even though she has really tried to ignore the hate that she has gotten about her home, it still seems to bother her a little bit. In fact, it seems that she is still flying high from their recent Disneyland vacation.

The Roloffs Take On Disneyland

No matter how much hate Tori Roloff gets online, she tries her best to always put on a happy face for her family. She does share some wonderful moments with her fans on social media. The family recently took a winter vacation to Disneyland and Tori was quick to share all their good times. Jackson became obsessed with the water slides and Tori became more obsessed with Josiah. Their daughter Lilah loved hanging out with her mom by the pool too. This trip seemed to be a great way to get their minds off the family feud between Matt Roloff.

Tori’s recent posts about Disneyland got a lot of love and her fans enjoyed these pictures and videos. Her fans applauded her and Zach for taking the time for themselves. It is obvious that they had a great time on vacation.

Tori Roloff- Instagram
Tori Roloff- Instagram

What do you think about Jackson wanting to help Tori clean? Would you let your kids help around the house? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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