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Kylie Jenner Leaves Fans Panting In Latest Tiny Bikini Poses

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Kylie Jenner shared her “daydream” with fans. She also left them panting with her tiny bikini poses. The reality star has been ramping up the sexy photos on her Instagram page. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shots for yourself.

Mom of two leaves fans in a daydream

On Saturday, February 4, Kylie Jenner posted a carousel of photos on her Instagram feed. The first one featured her arching her back in a lounge chair as she showed off her body. She wore a tiny pastel pink bikini top with green thong bottoms. The entrepreneur looked over at the camera as she gave her followers a glimpse at her bust, flat stomach, and round hips.

Kylie Jenner [Extra | YouTube]
[Extra | YouTube]
In the next slide, Kylie kneeled on the ground and smoldered at the camera. Her dark hair draped over one side of her face. In another shot, she showed a close-up of her tiny bikini. The bikini top featured rhinestone pastel blue and pink cups, while the lime green bikini bottoms also featured rhinestones.

Kylie continued to arch her back in the following photos. She also flaunted her booty at the camera in the G-string thong. The television personality arched her back as she flashed her infamous assets at the camera. In the caption, she simply captioned it “daydream.”

Within 16 hours, she received over 7.5 million likes on her Instagram post. Most of her fans were left in a daydream and left panting over the sexy bikini photos. They love it whenever Kylie puts her body on display in tiny bikinis and outfits. Most of them agreed that she looked stunning in the photos.

Kylie Jenner fans are tired of seeing her body?

However, there are some fans who are tired of seeing Kylie Jenner’s body. They wonder why she’s been posting so much lately. It could have something to do with her split from her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. The couple seemed to be private when they were together.

Since then, she’s posted about their son Aires. She also shared content from Paris Fashion Week. Fans also noticed that she loves to grab her breasts in many of her Instagram photos. They are sick of seeing the same poses and they shared those sentiments on Reddit. Others were reminded that everything they see isn’t always real. It truly is a daydream.

“Bruh it’s at the point where I can’t look at pictures of their bodies anymore because it’s hard to keep reminding myself that it’s all fake!!! Lol,” one user wrote.

“Lol I just had a flashback to when Kim was saying she got her shape from her Armenian side. Her aunts and cousins were also curvy according to her. Enter Kylie’s non-Armenian mystery booty…” another added.

“oh to be a billionaire in a chanel bikini,” a third sarcastically wrote.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s tiny bikini poses? Do you love it? Or, do you get tired of seeing the same content on her Instagram page? Sound off below in the comment section.

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