‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry BUSTED For Shoplifting In Pennsylvania

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Euphoria star Chloe Cherry has been accused of shoplifting from a small business in her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Although the star is currently living in Los Angeles, she recently made a trip home with potentially devastating consequences for her life and career. 

Chloe Cherry - YouTube
Chloe Cherry – YouTube

Chloe Cherry: From Adult Film Star to A Promising Acting Career

Chloe Cherry was born Elise Jones in 1997. Shortly after she turned 18, she packed up her things and headed down to Florida from Pennsylvania to begin a career as an adult film star. She quickly started securing roles and within a few years had performed in over 200 adult films.

Even as her career was blooming, she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to be a porn star for the rest of her life. When the Covid pandemic began to spread across the world, Chloe Cherry made the choice to start an OnlyFans account. While she didn’t achieve the same level of popularity as Bella Thorne, she did very well. 

Unexpectedly, Chloe Cherry received an invite to audition for the incredibly popular tv show Euphoria. The director had been following her on Instagram and was drawn to her sense of humor. Chloe had not entertained the idea of trying out for such a huge show, but she hesitantly agreed. After securing the role, Chloe Cherry made her big debut in Season 2 in 2022 and hasn’t looked back since. Soon after, she decided to quit the adult film industry altogether. 

Chloe Cherry - YouTube

Poor Decisions That Could Lead To Terrible Consequences 

Chloe Cherry was allegedly visiting her hometown in December of 2022, most likely for the Christmas holiday season. She spent some time at the local shopping mall, Building Character. As she made her way through the shops, she made a stop at a small business Jenny and the Clowder.

She picked up several items and eventually went into the fitting room with a shirt that costs less than $30. When she left the room, the shirt was neither in her hands nor in the room. Mall employees contacted the police and using surveillance videos identified the actress

Chloe Cherry youtube Euphoria

According to TMZ, Chloe Cherry was charged with shoplifting a $28 blouse. Her manager vehemently denies the charges and claims this is all a mistake. He further accuses the store of trying to use Chloe’s fame as a way to boost their sales. Chloe is expected to appear in court on March 1st. Sadly, this does not appear to be the celebrity’s first shoplifting charge. According to court documents she was previously convicted of retail theft back in 2015. 

Whether or not she is guilty of stealing will be up to a judge. Hopefully, this will not have any impact on her career, especially if it turns out to be a false accusation. HBO has not issued any statements about the case.

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