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Al Roker’s Wife, Deborah, Takes Fans Inside Colorful Kitchen

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Today news weatherman Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts recently took fans inside her colorful kitchen. This comes after the mother of two showed the strength of her knees in an intense video. The ABC newscaster has lately been very active and lively as the family recovers from Al Roker’s recent health scare. So, what did Deborah Roberts introduce fans to in her kitchen? Why was her kitchen so colorful? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Gushes Over Colorful Flowers

On Saturday, Deborah Roberts took to Instagram to share a picture of her beautifully organized kitchen. In the selfie, fans could see the GMA host’s complete kitchen in pristine white. However, what caught fans’ eyes was the lovely arrangement of flowers on the counter. The entire counter was covered with baby pink roses, and blue, green, purple, and white hydrangeas along with other flower varieties added to the mix.

Al Roker Deborah Roberts Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

As Al Roker’s wife smile for the camera, she captioned the post, “Saturday scenery. Can you ever have too many flowers?? I don’t think so.”

Fans flocked to the comments section as one wrote, “I’m so glad that I recently started following you! You are a mood booster all on your own.”

“Probably you and Al won’t leave the kitchen for a while,” said another.

A third commented, “I needed that reminder that spring is getting closer! Gorgeous flowers!”

Deborah Roberts Feared Al Roker Might Not Make It

This is a fresh change for the Roker family. Now that Al Roker is healing at a fast pace, the family is back to their regular lives. However, it wasn’t easy for them for the past two months. At one point, Deborah Roberts even feared for her sweet Al Roker’s life. She worried if he will even make it past Thanksgiving.

Deborah Roberts Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

In November 2022, the Today weathercaster was hospitalized citing deep vein thrombosis issues. This is when blood clots form in deep veins and the affected area is usually the lower leg, pelvis, or thighs. However, Al Roker’s blood clot had entered his lungs as well.

Al Roker Was Out Of The Loop During His Hospitalization

In an interview, Roker revealed that these blood clots happened after he had COVID-19 in the fall. Not just that, the NBC journalist was also dealing with internal bleeding. As a result, Al Roker lost almost half of the blood in his body and underwent multiple surgeries after his medical team discovered two bleeding ulcers. He even admitted that for the most part of his hospitalization, he had no idea what was happening.

Al Roker Deborah Roberts Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“For the most part, I have no idea what happened. It’s Deborah’s narrative in a way because I was laying in bed,” he explained.

What do you think of Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts’ glimpse in her colorful kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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