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Julian Sands’ Aerial Searches Continue, Hiking Partner Speaks Out


Is the 65-year-old British actor, Julian Sands, still missing? Sadly, he is. While his loved ones continue to hold out hope, many people believe the search has taken a turning point where they are now looking to recover his body and determine what happened to him. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, even Julian Sands’ brother has told media outlets he believes his brother is dead.

As intermittent aerial searches for the missing actor continue, one of his hiking partners (and best friends) has recently spoken out. And, he does not necessarily share the same grim outlook that Julian’s brother does. What updated information has been made available about the search for the actor? And, what did his hiking partner have to say? Keep reading for the details.

Julian Sands
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Julian Sands’ Aerial Searches Continue, Hiking Partner Speaks Out

British actor Julian Sands went missing while hiking in California three weeks ago. Typically, search efforts would have been seriously dialed back after about 10 days. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, however, has made the decision to extend the search window because of how much the bad weather in California has hindered their ability to properly search for the missing actor. At this point, intermittent aerial searches are being conducted for the missing actor as the weather allows.

A spokesperson of the department explained to multiple outlets: “Typically, we search for 10 days before downgrading to a passive search. In this case, with the weather precluding a continuous search, we extended those plans. While weather and mountain conditions continue to be an issue, we will resume ground searches once weather conditions permit and as the snow melts.”

His Hiking Partner Continues To Hold Onto Hope

According to The Independent, fellow actor Kevin Ryan is a dear friend and frequent hiking partner of Julian Sands. The actor recently spoke out about the situation stating that Julian was one of the most advanced hikers he has ever gone on a hike with. Ryan tells media outlets that something would have had to have gone seriously wrong during a hike for someone as skilled as Julian Sands to not survive. For this reason, he continues to hold on to hope that Julian has tucked himself away somewhere to survive the bad weather until help arrives or it is safe for him to move again.

The actor adds that if he was not currently under contract in Ireland filming, he would also be in California joining the search to find his friend.

Do you think Julian Sands could still be alive? Or, do you think this search team is looking for his body? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on this story.

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  1. No, he’s gone sadly. I grew up in the mountains and have hiked my whole life. He’s been gone too long for any hope to be left and I don’t say that to be cruel. It’s just the reality of going missing on a snowy mountain. Either the weather took him by surprise, which I doubt with the level of experience he’s said to have had, or he was injured and couldn’t make it back down.

  2. I have been tracking your friend Julian Sands with my pendulum, at 5:30 am and 3:pm (I think), he was still lost on that mountain. Since 8:00 pm central time, I have been checking and rechecked…..the pendulum says he is no longer there, but has been rescued. Is that true ?

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