Jenna Bush Hager Goes Commando On Winter Getaway With Hoda

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager [Today Show | YouTube]

Jenna Bush Hager left her underwear at home. The Today Show co-host went commando on her winter getaway with Hoda Kotb. This comes after Jenna confirmed that she doesn’t like to wear underwear. Keep on reading to learn more and get all the details.

Jenna Bush Hager doesn’t pack underwear

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb are currently in Canada. The Today co-hosts went on a winter getaway. She didn’t pack her underwear with her. Jenna and Hoda are filming their Winter Wonderland. They shared some of the details on social media.

The two are in Quebec City, where they are celebrating the Quebec Winter Carnival. Prior to their departure, Hoda and Jenna shared how they pack for a getaway. Jenna shared that she’s a “medium packer.” Hoda wanted more details about her unmentionables.

Jenna Bush Hager & Hoda Kotb [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
“We’re going to be there for three days. How many pairs of underwear do you pack?” Hoda asked Jenna on a previous broadcast of the Today Show.

“Zero,” Jenna Bush Hager confirmed nonchalantly.

She doesn’t like wearing underwear. Hoda admits that she packs four for a three-day trip. She likes to have one extra pair on hand “just in case” something happens. Jenna joked if Hoda plans on having “an accident.”

Why the Today Show co-anchor likes going commando

On a previous broadcast of Today, Jenna Bush Hager explained why she doesn’t wear any underwear. She will only do it if she borrows someone else’s suit or dress on the set of the morning show. However, Jenna claims that “it makes a more pretty silhouette.” An added bonus is that she “doesn’t have to pack as much.”

There’s a long list of reasons why Jenna likes to go commando. Hoda wanted to know if her co-anchor washes her clothes more often since she goes commando. Jenna assured her that she does and that wouldn’t share her jeans with her.

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
This isn’t the first time that Jenna Bush Hager talked about her distaste for underwear. She admitted to King Charles that she wasn’t wearing any pantaloons. Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live wanted to know what happened during the dinner. Jenna smiled and shook her head, revealing that she didn’t wear any underwear.

“Wow! You did not! Wow, Jenna,” Andy said with a shocked expression on her face.

“It was a beautiful white dress. It would have shown,” Jenna Bush Hager said.

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Hoda was worried about her carefree host on a previous episode of the Today Show. Jenna wanted to try out a workout on live television. Hoda warned her about flashing the viewers and crew members at home. What are your thoughts on Jenna going commando on her trip? Sound off below in the comment section.

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