‘Gold Rush’ Storyline Ruined By Auction Listing?

Dave Turin on Gold Rush.

Dave Turiu returned to Gold Rush a couple of weeks back and had an offer for two of his best workers. Dave wanted to sell them his entire operation for a million dollars. According to Dave, he wanted to retire and after an investor left, this is the time.

However, an auction that a fan on Reddit found might have spoiled this entire storyline.

Dave Turin wants to sell on Gold Rush

Dave Turin wants to sell his entire operation and claim on Gold Rush. He offered it up to two of his best workers. This is something that many fans felt was Dave screwing over his own friends and employees. However, the sticking point was that he wanted a million dollars. The crew also knows that the claim isn’t paying out so far.

Dave Turin on Gold Rush.

However, one fan on Reddit thought the deal might be a good one if the workers did something unique after paying the million for the operation. “For a million bucks it might be close to worth it. If it comes with two wash plants and the excavators and other equipment I’d buy the whole thing,” they wrote. “Then I’d turn around and sell it all.” They then pointed out that they could likely get a million for the wash plants and heavy equipment alone.

In the comments, Redditors continued to blast Dave for selling the claim knowing the land is mostly worthless right now for gold excavating. They also mentioned that the wash plants are not even the right ones for that specific claim’s ground. Someone else did mention that the million dollars sound like about “fair market” for the equipment, meaning Dave already knew the land was worthless.

That brings up the auction, which one of the Redditors posted a link to.

Action possibly spoils Gold Rush storyline

In the Reddit thread, they posted that the two wash plants are already for sale. The cost is $150,000 and $300,000. This is through Ritchie Bros Auctioneers.

Dave Turin on Gold Rush.

Looking at the site, there is the 2015 Roco X3 Wash Plant with a date of February 17 and the second is a 2021 Roco X5R Wash Plant with a date of February 24. The listings also say that the equipment is in Alaska and the seller is willing to barge it to Seattle. The 2015 Wash Plant is $150,000. The listing shows it has 1,006 hours of use. The 2021 Wash Plant is $300,000. It shows 477 hours of use.

This sounds like Dave’s crew ended up not buying the claim. There is little chance they would give Dave a million dollars and then sell the two biggest pieces of equipment for less than half that amount. On the other hand, if they did reject the offer, there is a good chance Dave will just start offloading the equipment to get off the land with some money in his pockets.

What are your thoughts about Dave Turin’s story on Gold Rush? Do you think he sold or is this him dumping his equipment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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