Christine Brown’s Heart Is Finally Full, Who Filled It?

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Christine Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives, has been spending a lot of time with her children lately. Now that she has split up from Kody Brown for good, she has started to value her time with them a lot more. Not only is she sharing some wonderful moments with her children, but it turns out that she has started dating again. Recently, she shared with her fans that her heart is finally full. Now, they are now curious as to who is filling her heart with this love.

Christine Brown & Feeling Loved

In a recent post on her Instagram account, Christine Brown shared a hilarious video. This video had her fans laughing hysterically. In fact, in it, she and Ysabel Brown had blankets on their heads and were dancing down the hall. Fans could see Truely Brown coming out of her room and looking at them as if they were crazy. The two of them started laughing when she came out! Christine wrote, “I’m proud to admit I enjoy my playful relationship with my kids. We’re fun together. Ysabel has made my heart so full with her caring heart.”

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

From what fans have seen, Christine Brown is very close with her children. Now that she is back in Utah, she has spent a lot more time with her daughters. She is often seen with them on her Instagram account. Additionally, she has been able to take care of them during times of need. For example, when Ysabel had to have back surgery during the pandemic, Christine was Ysabel heavily relied on. It is clear that Christine’s kids mean the world to her.

Back In The Dating Pool

Even though Christine has been spending a lot of time with her kids, she has started to date again! She started to use dating apps to try and find a man to spend her time with. Additionally, she has noted that she will not be in a polygamous relationship again. Her marriage to Kody pretty much ruined that for her. However, Christine is looking for a man that understands her principles and obligations. From the looks of it, she has been feeling a little awkward about it.

Christine Brown - Instagram - Sister Wives
Christine Brown – Instagram – Sister Wives

Christine admitted to her fans that she isn’t familiar at all with online dating. She is over 50 now and it hasn’t been easy at all for her. Her children are so important to her that even if she finds the right man, they will need to approve of him too. As of right now, Christine is blissful with her children and admits that is all she needs to fill her heart.

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