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‘Yellowstone: 1923’ Fans Finally Have Some Good News

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Finally, 1923 fans have some good news about the Yellowstone prequel spinoff mini-series. This is the series that stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. The news has to do with the near future and the show’s future.

What do fans need to know now?

Yellowstone Spinoff Prequel Is Returning Soon

It has been weeks since the last episode of the Yellowstone spinoff prequel 1923. The good news is that it is back on Sunday!

On Sunday, “survival is coming.” Finally, the fifth episode of 1923 Season 1 is going to premiere on Sunday, February 5, on Paramount+.

In the official trailer shared on Twitter, Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton says, “My concern is survival.” The preview continues with Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar, and his new fiancée Alexandra (Julia Scholaepfer) buying a ticket. They have to travel from Africa to the American West.

Not unlike James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) Dutton’s trip from Texas to Montana in 1883, this trip is filled with danger. Will they both make it to the Dutton Ranch?

At the end of the clip, we see Spencer and Alexandra tossing and turning on a ship. As his fiancée is violently tossed, Spencer is frantically trying to send out a call of distress, shouting “Mayday, mayday!”

Meanwhile, Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) thinks it won’t take much more to take down the Dutton clan and take all he can get. He seems confident, as he diabolically plots the end of his rivals.

However, Jacob is not about to give up. He looks up to Cora (Mirren) and says, “I know how much you’ve suffered.” His look says it all, as he will fight Whitfield to the death!

Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Christopher T. Saunders/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Christopher T. Saunders/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Paramount+ Announces 1923 Season 2

On Friday, Paramount+ made an official announcement about the future of the prequel spinoff. According to Deadline, they made it official. 1923 has been renewed for Season 2. However, this is no surprise.

Back in October, it was revealed that series creator Taylor Sheridan needed another season to tell the full story of this group of the Dutton family tree. Originally, the series was called 1932. This would mean that the story would start during the Great Depression.

But, instead, they moved up the story date to nine years to include more fascinating stories and rich Dutton history.

When Is Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Returning?

Now that 1923 is returning, Yellowstone fans may wonder when the OG series that earned Kevin Costner a Golden Globe for his performance as John Dutton will be returning to complete the final six episodes. The remaining Season 5 episodes will premiere sometime this summer.

Currently, they are filming those final episodes. Therefore, once they are done filming this block of episodes, Paramount should make an announcement.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the return of 1923 on Sunday, February 5, on Paramount+.

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