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TJ Holmes’ Ex Marilee Fiebig Steps Out With Red Roses

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Does TJ Holmes’ ex-wife have a secret admirer? Immigration attorney Marilee Fiebig stepped out with red roses. She also had a big smile on her face. This comes as TJ and Amy Robach left New York City for Los Angeles.

Marilee ditched her wedding ring in her latest sighting. She held onto a bouquet of beautiful red roses. She looked cool and confident during her appearance. Fans wouldn’t assume that she’s in the middle of an ugly divorce from her estranged husband. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shots for yourself.

Marilee Fiebig Smiles In Blue Tank Top [Marilee Fiebig | Instagram]
[Marilee Fiebig | Instagram]

Marilee Fiebig steps out with red roses

The U.S. Sun was the first to obtain exclusive photos of Marilee Fiebig. On Thursday, February 2, she stepped out without her wedding ring and a bouquet of red roses. Looks like TJ Holmes’ former wife is celebrating Valentine’s Day early. In the photos, Marilee wore a black coat with a white turtleneck and black trousers.

She finished off her look with black leather boots. Marilee clutched a bouquet of bright red roses. She wore her naturally dark curly hair around her face. TJ Holmes’ estranged wife smiled at the photographers who took her photo. Even though it was cool and windy in New York City, she looked happy during her stroll.

Marilee Fiebig Sits With Flowers In Rocking Chair [Marilee Fiebig | Instagram]
[Marilee Fiebig | Instagram]
Marilee has a lot to be happy about lately. Maybe it’s likely that she’s already moved on from her split from TJ Holmes. Due to this sighting, fans wonder if she has a mystery lover. It’s unclear where the flowers come from. Marilee was known to have flowers around their family home.

What’s also interesting is that her nails were also painted the same shade of red as the roses she was holding. Marilee could be getting ready to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single woman. The former couple was married for over a decade. In late November 2022, his alleged affair with Amy leaked online.

Ugly divorce with TJ Holmes

In the meantime, the exes won’t have anything to smile about. They’re in the midst of a reportedly ugly divorce. TJ Holmes filed for divorce in late December 2022. The spouses share one child — a daughter Sabine, 10. TJ hired a top lawyer in NYC and Marilee is also securing a tough legal team of her own.

New York divorce attorney Lisa Zeiderman told The U.S. Sun that TJ’s alleged affair could negatively impact their custody case. What also doesn’t help is that he’s now on the west coast with his new love. Marilee spoke out about their divorce. She blamed TJ for making everything public, including his blossoming romance with his colleague.

What are your thoughts on Marilee Fiebig stepping out with red roses? Do you think her divorce from TJ Holmes will get ugly? Do you think she’s better off without him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Marilee congratulations you can start a new brighter life for your daughter and yourself. You’ll find a person that sees the beauty and intelligence that you possess. A partner that wants to build a great life with you and someone you’ll be secure knowing he’s cares. A partner nohaving to think about who he’s going to cheat with, but the thought of being with you at the end of the day. From what I’ve read you don’t deserve the way he’s treated you, he’s lied and cheated and make believe he’s trying to sabotage a marriage while sleeping with another woman. He’s not a good man!!!!!!!!

  2. Seeing Marilee’s smile made my day. I pray God’s Grace on she and Sabine’s life as they move forward. Marilee truly didn’t deserve what that MONSTER of a man and the betrayal of a woman whose names aren’t worth mentioning did to her. Thankfully ABC agreed, because for this TOXIC couple, it wasn’t about the money, for these two NARCISSISTIC people, it’s status. I’m so glad that BETRAYAL is what they’ll ALWAYS be known for.
    Smile on Marilee : )

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