Kaitlyn Bristowe Says Her Fiance Ran Into Ex, Shawn Booth

Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jason Tartick and Shawn Booth via YouTube

Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is opening up a lot about things she’s never really talked about it publicly. A few things were shocking and a few that must have been awkward.  One of those awkward moments is her current fiance Jason Tartick running into her ex-fiance Shawn Booth. Keep reading to find out all the details.

Kaitlyn Bristowe dishes on Jason running into Shawn

US Weekly shared the details that Kaitlyn Bristowe dished about Jason Tartick running into Shawn Booth. What went down? In what Kaitlyn describes as hilarious she said Jason and Shawn were recently on the same flight out of Nashville to New York. She pointed out that the two men did not say hello but they definitely saw each other.

This isn’t the only run-ins there have been with Shawn. After not running into him at all the past few years, Kaitlyn said that she has seen him out and about three different times in three months. She didn’t say hello but not because she didn’t want to. She said he was off in the distance when she saw him.

Shawn Booth/Kaitlyn Bristowe/YouTube
Shawn Booth/Kaitlyn Bristowe/YouTube

She talked more about their broken relationship

Kaitlyn also dished more on her relationship with Shawn. She said that one big downfall of their relationship was Shawn not being able to get past the fact that she slept with Nick Viall while on the show. He just couldn’t get over it. She tried to be understanding about it knowing that she would possibly feel that way too if the roles were reversed.

Kaitlyn also thinks that Shawn’s ego played a big role in their demise. She said, “I’ll never forget. I said ‘Shawn, if you just put your ego aside, we could probably work.’ And he was like, ‘What ego? You’ve crushed my ego!’”

After their split, Shawn opened up and said in an interview that they had a trauma bond and it was never really true love. Kaitlyn noted his comments made her sad.


She did come to realize that her relationship with Shawn was “toxic” and he seemed to have no trust in her even after they broke up.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick via YouTube
Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick via YouTube

She revealed meeting Jason Tartick for a podcast interview and bringing Olivia Caridi with her just because Shawn wanted her to. He had said some mean things to her on her way to the interview and she was crying and upset. Kaitlyn almost backed out and canceled the interview. However, she didn’t cancel and now she’s marrying Jason.

What do you think about Kaitlyn’s revelations about Shawn?

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