Hulu Renews Marvel Series With A Twist

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Hulu has just renewed a Marvel series in a shocking move two years after the last season aired. This is also surprising because it seemed Marvel pulled all of their shows from any streaming service other than Disney+ once it started its shared universe MCU on that streaming giant.

However, not only is Hulu bringing back one of the Marvel shows most fans thought was canceled, but it will be doing it with an interesting caveat.

Hulu renews Marvel series – but without Marvel branding

Before Marvel started solely putting its shows on Disney+, the episodic television was spread out between Netflix, ABC, Hulu, Freeform, and the Fox networks had the X-Men world. When it came to Hulu, there were several Marvel shows including The Runaways and Helstrom.

When it came to Helstrom, this was supposed to be the start of more adult-oriented Marvel shows, as he was the actual Son of Satan in the Marvel Universe. This was supposed to lead to other mystical shows like Ghost Rider, but Marvel axed this when it started working exclusively on Disney+.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey

Also on the way to Hulu when Marvel pulled the plug were three animated shows for adults. These included M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, Howard the Duck, and Tigra & Dazzler. However, only two of those shows made it to Hulu before Marvel canceled the line. One of those was M.O.D.O.K., with Patton Oswalt voicing the Marvel villain in the style of Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green.

The other was Hit-Monkey, and Hulu has now green-lit a second season of Hit-Monkey. The first season aired on Hulu on November 17, 2021. Hulu is bringing it back but will remove the Marvel Comics branding from the series.

What is Hit-Monkey on Hulu?

Hit-Monkey is based on the Marvel Comics character created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajićin2010. The original series was a digital-only comic but it proved popular and ended up in print. The story was a strange one.

In the Hulu animated series, an assassin finds his employers betrayed him and after a failed assassination attempt, he goes into hiding in the jungle. It is here that a group of snow monkeys takes him in and nurses him back to health. He then practices his work, planning revenge, and one of the monkeys intently pays attention to him.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey

When a group of assassins finds him, they kill not only him but every snow monkey in the tribe except for the one who took an interest in his skills. That monkey takes the assassins’ guns and sets out for revenge as Hit-Monkey. He also has the spirit of the assassin leading him along his journey.

Variety reports that the new season will follow Hit-Monkey and Bryce as they travel from Japan to New York City. While it is still based on the Marvel Comics character, it will no longer be called Marvel’s Hit-Monkey.

Were you a fan of Hit-Monkey on Hulu? Are you excited to see it returning to the streaming service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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