Lifetime’s ‘Spinning Out Of Control’ Is Stalker Thriller

Used with Lifetime's permission

Lifetime has a stalker thriller, Spinning Out Of Control, that is spine-tingling! There is nothing creepier than a dangerous gal pal who is stalking you.

Starring in Lifetime’s Spinning Out Of Control are Stars Ria Ridley (Oreo, Secrets In The Building), Kelcie Stranahan (Designed For Death, Runaways), Sharlene Radlein (An Essential Delivery, Digital Dating), Sam Boxleitner (American Horror Story, Open House), L.A. Williams (11.11, King Knight), Jade Patteri (The Prom, Thanksgiving Masquerade), Mia King (Momma Bird, Sunshine), Cj Hammond (Revenge For Daddy, Jaded Pictures), Emily Coup (Dark Haven, The Crossroads), Logan Roberts (One Night Stand, Lockdown), Demitra Pace (Summer Fields Forever, Pool Party), and Tameka Cruel (Meta, Enough Room).

John Jansen (Pink Floyd The Wall Redux, Mainly Etc.), and Evan Lawless wrote the script with Doug Campbell (Swim Instructor Nightmare, Deadly Cheer Mom) directing.

What Is Lifetime’s Spinning Out Of Control About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, “After winning a contest, Natalie Clark rides her free stationary bike daily, guided by her stunning and inspiring virtual instructor Lia Sterling. Natalie becomes infatuated with Lia and attempts to befriend the fitness mogul in real life. When Lia steps away from virtual training to focus on her personal life, Natalie initiates a sinister plan to eliminate everyone in Lia’s life, so Natalie can have her as her own permanent trainer and best friend.”

When Can You Watch Spinning Out Of Control?

The premiere of Spinning Out of Control is on Friday, February 10, at 8 p.m., on the Lifetime Channel. In addition, you can stream the next day.

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Don’t Miss Another Lifetime Stalker Thriller Single Black Female

On Friday, February 10, at 6 p.m., is another stalker chiller, Single Black Female. This thriller stars Raven Goodwin (The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of GospelOur Kind Of People), Amber Riley (GleeA Black Lady Sketch Show), and a special appearance by K. Michelle (American Soul, K. Michelle: Just Like Jay)

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Monica (Goodwin) is trying to survive an emotionally difficult time. She just lost her beloved father, and she just broke up with her boyfriend. Now, she is determined to pivot. Monica wants to host an afternoon talk show.

Therefore, she hires Simone (Riley) to help her out. Simone and Monica become fast friends. However, Simone seems a bit obsessed with Monica.

“But underneath her sweet exterior, Simone harbors a dark secret and as time goes on cracks in her façade begin to appear. Monica decides to sever ties once and for all with Simone, but Simone has other plans and is determined to take over Monica’s life for good.”

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Safe Room Is A Lifetime Chiller

On Friday, February 10, at 10:03 p.m., Eastern is the Lifetime thriller Safe Room. This movie stars Nik Sanchez (Our Christmas Journey, The Rookie), Mackenzie Astin (The Magicians, You), Nicole Ari Parker (And Just Like That, Empire), Boris Kodjoe (House Of Cards, Station 19),  and Drea De Matteo (Sons Of Anarchy, A Million Little Things).

According to the IMDb synopsis, “Lila and her autistic son Ian hide in a panic room and have to outsmart some intruders that would do anything to recover a video that Ian accidentally recorded of them breaking-into a house and killing the homeowner.”


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