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Will Janelle Brown Be Present For The Birth Of Maddie’s Baby?

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Will Janelle Brown be present for the birth of her daughter, Maddie Brush’s third baby? Maddie is due this month and just gave a 38-week update for her followers. However, fans were eager to know if her mother would be by her side for the delivery. So, will Janelle be coming in from Flagstaff to North Carolina for the birth? Read on for the answer.

Will Janelle Brown Be Present For The Birth Of Maddie’s Baby?

Maddie Brush is ready to pop as she is nearing the end of her third pregnancy. So, will her mother, Janelle Brown be present for the birth of her baby girl? Janelle frequents North Carolina as much as she can especially to see her two grandchildren, Axel and Evie. Along with her youngest daughter Savanah, Janelle spent the Christmas holidays in NC. She also defied her now estranged husband, Kody in traveling to go visit Maddie and her husband Caleb whenever she felt the need.

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On Tuesday night, Maddie did a question-and-answer session on her Instagram story. There, fans asked her a wide range of things. One question fans had to ask was whether or not Janelle Brown would be present for the birth of her third child. Maddie revealed that the plan is for Janelle to be there. However, the only way that her mother would miss it is if the baby decides to come early. Maddie was quite clear that she won’t do anything that involves induction.

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The mother of two does not believe in interference in pregnancy unless it is medically necessary. So, as of now, the plan is for Janelle to be there. One fan did ask if this delivery will be filmed as Maddie has been fairly open about having her others on camera. This time Maddie said that it will just be her and Caleb in the delivery room. Yes, she will be having the baby in the hospital and it will be a private moment.

Names For The Baby?

Maddie did admit that they have come up with names for the baby but it changes every day. She also shared that Janelle Brown’s grandkids think she should be called “baby sister.” It will be exciting to see Janelle with her third grandbaby. When Christine was holding her twin grandson, Ace, and Archer, the smile on her face lit up a room. She beamed like never before. Plus, it will be fun to find out what they choose to name their new bundle of joy.

Do you think Maddie will have her baby before Janelle Brown can make it to North Carolina? Or will “baby sister” wait for grandma to get to town? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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