TLC Fans Urge Chris Combs’ Wife Brittany To Eat Better

Chris Combs- TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters fans may recognize Chris Combs and his wife, Brittany from the show. Chris has slowly become a fan favorite as he has shown so much support for his sisters. Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman began the show on their weight loss journeys, but it turns out that Chris was on one of his own too. Not only is Chris trying to maintain his weight and healthy eating habits, but now it looks as if his fans think Brittany should too.

Chris Comb’s Dieting, But What About Brittany?

Recently on Meaww, some Tweets were shared about Chris Combs’ wife, Brittany. Many of these tweets were all about how great Chris seemed to be doing, but Brittany should follow in his footsteps. Chris has worked very hard to have gastric bypass surgery and eat healthier. From the looks of it though, Brittany is not making the same healthy choices that he is. He has finally gotten his weight to under 300 pounds! His fans have shown him so much support, but where does that leave Brittany?

Chris Combs- Instagram
Chris Combs- Instagram

On Twitter, one fan of the show wrote, “Chris’ wife ain’t picked up none of his good habits.” In addition to this Tweet, another fan wrote, “Let your wife go on a diet with you. I’ve always wondered why she wouldn’t go on this weight loss journey with him. He is doing great!” A final fan added, “Why isn’t Brittany trying to lose weight? No one is healthy with a big stomach like that.” 1000-Lb. Sisters‘ fans really are concerned about Brittany and wish that she could join him on this weight loss journey.

Chris Brings Sexy Back

With season four of 1000-Lb. Sisters in full force on TLC, Chris Combs has been seen a lot so far. He has been very supportive of Tammy while she’s been in the rehab facility. He has actually continued to lose weight and told viewers that he was “bringing sexy back.” Chris always talked about how hard it was to do minor tasks when he was larger. He couldn’t even put his socks and shoes on without the help of his wife. Now that he has lost so much weight, everything is much easier for him.

Chris Combs- Instagram
Chris Combs- Instagram

Brittany, Chris’ wife, is being urged by fans to mimic his weight loss behaviors and diet. In the last episode, fans watched her eat some horrible foods while they were out on a family outing. Chris made it clear to the cameras that he is always watching what he eats. He also mentioned that he never tries to tell his family how to eat. His fans feel like he should at least help Brittany with her diet.

Do you think that Brittany should go on a diet too? Is her health soon to be at risk? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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  1. I think Tammy would get snarky with any therapist that tried to interview her as she has in the past. Tammy needs to be held accountable for her attitude and lack of respect for everyone.

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