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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Nico Martone 2023 Update: Where Is He Now?

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With a heavy focus of tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life being on Geno Dacunto, the Season 11 Premiere also leaves fans wondering if there is a 2023 update on Nico Martone and where he is now with his weight loss progress. TLC viewers don’t get to learn nearly as much about Nico Martone during tonight’s episode. And, Nico initially seemed to struggle a bit more with actually meeting his weight goals. But, fans fell in love with the love Geno and Nico shared for each other. And, they are eager for a 2023 update on Nic Martone’s weight loss progress. So, where is he now? Keep reading for the details.

My 600-Lb. Life introduces Nico Martone

As mentioned previously, the focus of the Season 11 Premiere was on Geno Dacunto. So, the episode kicked off with fans really getting to know Geno very well even though the episode was titled Geno and Nico’s story. Going to his appointment with Dr. Now to support him, the TLC doctor quickly set his sights on Nico and called him out on his own issues with weight. While Nico was nearly 200 pounds lighter than Geno, he still needed to work on losing some weight as well.

My 600lb Life Nico Martone - Geno Dacunto Youtube

Dr. Now ended up giving both Nico and Geno weight loss goals and promised to give them both the life-saving surgery if they met his goals.

Struggling at first, Nico ultimately went from weighing 431 pounds to 302 pounds. So, he ended up losing a grand total of 129 pounds by the time the episode came to an end. Like Geno, Nico was also approved for weight loss surgery.

My 600lb Life Nico Martone - Geno Dacunto Youtube

Nico Martone 2023 update: Where is he now?

Nico Martone has both an Instagram and a Facebook profile that are easy enough to find. Other than his Instagram profile picture updating to match his profile picture on Facebook, it appears to have been a very long time since he gave his Instagram any attention. Like Geno, his Facebook profile is pretty locked down. But, a few recent updates to his profile (and Rose’s profile) reveals he certainly looks like a man who has lost over 100 pounds.

My 600lb Life Nico Martone - Facebook

Unfortunately (likely because of a contract with TLC), there isn’t any obvious or easy-to-obtain updated information about his weight loss progress on his profile.

Geno and Nico’s Journey — My 600-Lb. Life Season 11, Episode 1 — airs tonight only on TLC. Fans of the TLC series can check the episode out early via Discovery+.

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