Michael Bates Opens Up About Surrogacy, IVF, & Adoption

Michael Bates - Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Michael Bates Keilen is opening up about surrogacy, IVF, and adoption amid her fertility struggles. The 33-year-old has wanted to become a mother for years, but sadly, it has not happened yet. Now, she’s responding to fans’ questions about the next steps in her journey. Keep reading for all of the details and find out what’s on the table.

Michael Bates Keilen discusses her fertility challenges.

Michael married Brandon Keilen on Aug. 15, 2015. Since getting married, they have sadly been dealing with fertility issues. So far, she’s been unable to get pregnant. On social media and on Bringing Up Bates, Brandon and Michael opened up about their fertility journey.

Michael Bates - Instagram
Michael Bates – Instagram

As a result of their fertility complications, Michael and Brandon have had many appointments and tests to hopefully get some answers. Like several of her sisters, Michael Bates has blood clotting disorders. After a little while, however, they decided to keep that part of their life private. Now, they only occasionally share about this topic.

Over the years, fans have wondered if surrogacy is an option. Many of Michael’s sisters have had healthy pregnancies and babies, so her fans thought she could ask a sister to carry a baby for her. But she confirmed that this is not an option.

Now, Michael Bates is opening up once again.

What did she say about surrogacy, IVF, and adoption?

On her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Michael responded to fans’ assumptions about herself and her husband Brandon. Naturally, a few assumptions about her fertility were brought up. One fan assumed that Michael and Brandon are opposed to IVF and adoption. In response, the Bringing Up Bates star explained where they stand with these options, as well as surrogacy.

She explained that they have not attempted to pursue IVF and surrogacy. However, her doctors have told her that “neither is a medical option” for her.

Then, Michael Bates shared her feelings about adoption. She said, “Adoption is something very dear to our hearts. We are not currently in the process of adoption but it is definitely something continually on our prayer list!”

Michael Bates - Instagram
Michael Bates – Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans will continue to keep Brandon and Michael in their thoughts and prayers as they continue on this challenging journey. Hopefully, everything will work out for them in the future.

So, does it surprise you that surrogacy and IVF aren’t options for Michael Bates? Do you think adoption is in her future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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  1. My names Brenda and watched all your shows and all seasons.
    I too want unable to conceive but had told my mom when l was
    5 years old that when l got big l was going to adopt a baby. We sure
    did from Korea, we received her at 3 months and she’s now 33.
    Love and Faith put her in my heart ♥️, well the lord put her in Our
    Hearts. Hold on to your dreams. You both deserve a child and to be


  2. The Bates Family, is all about Family Right. Everything that Brandon & Michaela do to help & assist her family, especially her siblings. You would think, one of her sister’s would step up to the plate, and offer to carry, a baby for them. I think Its, totally selfish, on the sister’s part.

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