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Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Dating Again After Divorce

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Singer Kelly Clarkson is opening up about dating after her divorce. The American Idol alum divorced Brandon Blackstock in 2021. Unfortunately, it was not the easiest divorce. So, is she ready to take the bull by the horns and start getting back out there again? Read on for more details.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Dating Again After Divorce

Dating after a divorce can be very difficult for some people. For Kelly Clarkson, she probably did not think that she would be in this position. A decade ago, Kelly wed Brandon Blackstock and believed that was it. The couple went on to have two children together and then the fairy tale came to an end. Still, she has kept her spirit high and has continued to work extremely hard. Not only does Kelly have her own talk show but she is also a well-respected coach on The Voice. Furthermore, she is an amazing singer.

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Recently, she was asked about dating again, according to Taste Of Country. When asked if she was interested in looking for love, Kelly Clarkson promptly told Access Hollywood this: “No. My therapist — it’s funny — is literally like, ‘You should go on a date’ and I’m like, ‘No.'” She went on to add: “I sound like such a cliche, but I’m really enjoying, like, me.” That’s fair because the fans really like Kelly, as well.

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Yet, what about marriage? Is that something that Clarkson would do again when she is open and ready to find the right person? “I also don’t think marriage has to be for everyone. I think you can exist in a relationship and it can be what you want it to be.” It appears that Kelly has made up her mind and knows exactly what she wants. She is also incredibly busy right now so it would make sense that she would not have the time to find love.

The Voice Returns

After taking a season off, Kelly Clarkson is back on The Voice as a coach. She joins newcomers Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan for Blake Shelton’s final season. They have already started filming Season 23 which returns next month but once they get to the live rounds, it is cutthroat and time-consuming. Plus, Kelly has her daily talk show for which she has won Daytime Emmys. Finally, her latest album is set to be released sometime this year, as she shared on Instagram. However, maybe love will fall into her lap when she least expects it. She definitely deserves all of the happiness in the world.

Who would you like to see Kelly Clarkson date when she finally gets back out there? Let us know in the comments below.

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