‘Jeopardy!’ Stumps 3 Contestants, Fans Sad Over Outcome


Jeopardy! fans are not happy with a recent Final Jeopardy question outcome. It seems like one contestant almost got the answer correct but just missed the ball. This ultimately led viewers to feel deep sympathy for her and they soon spoke out. What exactly happened? Read on for more details.

Jeopardy! Fans Struggle With Missed Answer

In a recent episode of Jeopardy!, fans watched as all three contestants failed to answer the Final Jeopardy question correctly. According to The Sun, it seemed like one contestant, Sarah Howard, was on the right track to getting it right. However, host Ken Jennings told her that she had dropped the ball. Howard had started to write the correct answer but then she missed the last few letters therefore she was left with a dollar. She went into the last round with just 2K and in last place. Yet, when it came to the final question, she was the only one who was closest to getting it right.


This was the question that had all three stumped: “Originally relating to a story of suffering, this word now more commonly refers to strong emotion of any kind.” To that, Sarah wrote: “What is intense pass.” She was partially right as Ken acknowledged. “You got to the first four letters of “passion,” I’m afraid that is not correct. We can’t accept that,” the host explained. The other two contestants both got the answer wrong not even coming close to Sarah’s answer.


Fans went crazy online, feeling absolutely awful for Sarah Howard and how close she was with her Jeopardy! answer. “I felt bad for Sarah. I tried telling her ‘get it queen queen.’ I was excited when she FOUND the final daily double,” one wrote. Another added: “Sarah ran out of time unfortunately.” Finally, someone chimed in with this: “I mean considering how the word passion is used now (primarily used in romance novels and things related to ambition or success) I understood the reason for the Triple stumper. Too bad Sarah realized it too late.”

What Else Can Be Done?

Sadly, Jeopardy! has accepted illegible answers/questions. This has made viewers livid that Ken Jennings has seemingly made exceptions for some and not others. However, fans seemed to really just want to see returning champion Jake DeArruda ousted. Twitter was abuzz with fans saying that they felt Ken was growing tired of him on Wednesday night’s episode. So, this could be a reason why viewers really hoped that the show would just accept Sarah’s short answer even if it was incomplete.

Did you feel sympathy for Sarah not getting her Jeopardy! answer in on time? Should they have accepted it as they have in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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