‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Reveals If She Is Having More Kids

Raiven Brown did a question & answer session with Alaskan Bush People fans on her Instagram Stories. One of the people asked about Raiven having more kids, and she revealed her outlook on more children in the future.

Here is what Raiven told her fans about the idea of having more kids in the future.

Will Raiven Brown have any more kids?

Raiven Brown had a tough pregnancy. This was, in fact, her third tough pregnancy. When she had River two years ago, she had to deliver him early when it became life-threatening. Then, she suffered a miscarriage in her second pregnancy. This third pregnancy was also a tough one.

Raiven Brown's kids River and Cove - IG

Raiven went on bedrest in November and has been there ever since. She moved back to Texas to be close to her own family and Bear eventually joined her there. She then scheduled a c-section at 38 weeks to deliver the baby safely. However, after Cove’s birth, he ended up in NICU with breathing problems.

The good news is that Raiven has now gotten out of the hospital and taken Cove home with her. She took a break from her time as a new mother to talk with fans on social media. One fan asked if she was planning to have a little girl so they could have a girl in the family.

Raiven Brown with River Youtube
Raiven Brown with River Youtube

That is when Raiven Brown let fans know her idea for more kids in the future. After two tough pregnancies and a miscarriage, Raiven said she is finished with kids. “I’m done having baby’s but I would never have another for a specific gender if I did,” she responded. “I’m content with boys happy for what God gave me.”

Raiven Brown also talked about kids’ names

It makes sense that Raiven Brown would not want to risk her health with another pregnancy. However, she also said that she and Bear had spoken about girls’ names if they had a daughter instead of a son. With their new baby, they named him Cove Gabriel Caden Brown.

However, if it was a girl, they had the name Haven Lakelynn picked out for her. When asked about one of the middle names being Gabriel, Raiven admitted that she was the one who chose that name and it wasn’t Bear naming him after his brother.

Raiven Brown IG QnA

There is also a chance that Raiven Brown and Bear won’t be sharing their baby with the world in the next season of Alaskan Bush People. She also told her fans that they were keeping Cove away from anyone, including family until they felt more secure with his health.

What are your thoughts about Raiven Brown choosing not to have any more kids? Plus, are you hoping to see Cove on Alaskan Bush People next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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