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Who Is The Authority In DC Comics’ New Antihero Movie?

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James Gunn announced the upcoming DC Comics movies slate, and one of them was The Authority. While people know all about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, The Authority is one team that mainstream fans might not know anything about.

Here is what we know about The Authority and why it might be one of DC’s biggest new movies.

Who is The Authority in DC Comics?

James Gunn and his partner Peter Safran announced the upcoming movies for DC Comics’ side of the superhero universe. Gunn, who directed Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was tapped to lead DC into the future. Along with Safran, the two have worked hard over the last few months to build the future for DC.

While there are movies coming with Superman and Batman, as expected, Gunn and Safran also added some more obscure heroes to the mix. “One of our strategies is to take our diamond characters, which is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and we use them to prop up other characters that people don’t know,” Gunn said in the announcement. Safran added they want to build the unknown properties into the “diamond properties of tomorrow.”

James Gunn introduces The Authority from DC Comics / YouTube

That sounds familiar to how the MCU formed. They took lesser-known characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, and made them big-budget success stories. For Gunn and Safran, one of the lesser-known properties is The Authority. This team is not only a lesser-known team, but one that started in an imprint for DC Comics called Wildstroem and was not in the main comics’ universe.

More To The Story

When they made their comics debut, The Authority was a reimagining of what superheroes would be like in the present day (at that time it was the 90s). They were not good and clean heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. This team didn’t mind getting its hands dirty.

The heroes were also a reimagined Justice League. Instead of helping protect the world, they didn’t mind overriding – or overthrowing – entire governments to do it. The members included the leader, a foulmouthed Jenny Sparks. The team also had one of the most iconic heroes ever to come out of Wildstrom – Midnighter and Apollo.

The Penguin - Robert Pattinson Batman - The Hollywood Reporter/YouTube

Midnighter and Apollo were clearly analogues for Batman and Superman. They eventually fell in love – one of comics’ first LGBTQ couples. In recent years, they became part of the real DC Comics universe in comics and even worked with Superman.

Could The Authority be the next Guardians of the Galaxy?

The big thing about The Authority is that it seems very similar to what James Gunn did with Guardians of the Galaxy. When Gunn brought the Guardians to the big screen for the MCU, no one knew who they were outside of hardcore Marvel Comics readers. The lineup wasn’t even the original one in comics and had only been around for a few years.

However, Gunn created something special with the team and turned them into one of the MCU’s most popular franchises. Whether he can catch lightning in a bottle with The Authority is another story. However, the new creative team at DC is excited about the possibilities.

“Not every film and TV show is going to be about good guy vs. bad guy, giant things from the sky comes and good guy wins. There are white hats, black hats and grey hats.” Added Safran: “They are kinda like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. They know that you want them on the wall. Or at least they believe that.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that James Gunn has said he wants to bring some of his Guardians actors to the DCU. There is always a chance people like Chris Pratt or Dave Bautista could find their way over and into a movie – and The Authority might be the perfect opportunity for that.

Are you excited about the new James Gunn announced DC movies and streaming shows? Do you think The Authority could be the next big thing in superhero movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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