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Wait, Does Savannah Chrisley Have A Ring On THAT Finger?

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Eagle-eyed Chrisley Knows Best fans believe they spotted a ring on THAT finger in a preview clip Savannah Chrisley shared on Instagram recently. The clip was a teaser for an upcoming podcast episode that drops this week. A screenshot of what Savannah shared on Instagram was posted on Reddit. And, one eagle-eyed fan called attention to the ring that appeared to be on THAT finger. Was Savannah Chrisley in a relationship with someone? Could she have gotten back together with Nic Kerdiles? Was there someone else in her life?

Savannah Chrisley- USA
Savannah Chrisley- USA

Savannah Chrisley fans spot ring on THAT finger

Sharing a screenshot of what Savannah Chrisley recently shared on her Instagram, one fan questioned if there was a ring on THAT finger. The individual questioned: “Is that a ring on Savannahs left hand?”

In response to the question, many acknowledged the ring was very much there. But, they were doubtful it meant she was getting married. Several fans speculated it might be her mother’s ring. A few said it could be some sort of promise ring to her parents. And, there was even one individual that pointed out that the picture was likely inverted and the ring was actually on her right hand.

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Could she be in a serious relationship?

Savannah Chrisley has admitted more than a few times that she believes she’s entitled to a private life despite being a reality TV star. Likewise, she has pointed out that her friends and significant others didn’t sign up to be in the spotlight the same way she did. Moreover, Savannah has admitted that she prefers to keep relationships private because making them public puts extra pressure on them. So, being in a secret and private relationship is something Savannah Chrisley would do.

Now, could Savannah Chrisley be engaged? Considering what she has said on her podcast about being unwilling to have children or get married while her parents are behind bars, it seems a little unfounded that she would even be engaged. After all, Chase Chrisley got engaged before his parents were locked up and they were a part of his proposal. Considering how close Savannah is to her parents, chances are pretty good she wouldn’t want to even be engaged with them behind bars.

Savannah Chrisley Wears Do Not Disturb Tee [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]
[Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]
Moreover, most fans agree that Savannah Chrisley is completely obsessed with her parents’ situation. She posts about it constantly on Instagram instead of trying to move past it. Likewise, she is also the guardian of Grayson and Chloe right now. So, it is possible she just doesn’t have time for a relationship right now.

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