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Last week, Dylan Dreyer admitted to slipping up when introducing the Law & Order star Hugh Dancy on The Today Show. According to Dreyer, her mother-in-law is to blame for her slip and fans agree. Keep reading to see what they are talking about!

Dylan Dreyer ‘Hears’ Her Mother-In-Law

Dylan Dreyer is a meteorologist and news anchor on The Today Show. Last Thursday, she sat down with Law & Order star Hugh Dancy to discuss the current season of the long-running series.

During the segment with Dancy, many people pointed out that they heard an accent they don’t normally hear from her.

Dreyer’s husband Brian Fichera and his family are from Massachusetts. They have heavy Boston accents and Dreyer has even posted videos to social media poking fun at them for it. Her son, for instance, has dropped the “r” from many words. He was quoted saying that he wanted to “col-uh” instead of color.

Dylan Dreyer and her husband on 'Today' - YouTube

Similarly, in 2013, she posted a video of her mother-in-law talking about Law & Order. Dylan Dreyer clarified for her followers that her MIL was saying the name of the popular drama series and not “Lauren Otter.”

Viewers told Dylan that she stumbled a bit and many of them heard her mother-in-law’s accent. One viewer tweeted at Dylan Dreyer saying, “On the law and order segment, all I could hear is your mother in laws accent.”

The fans weren’t the only ones that heard the slip-up either. Dylan admitted that she heard it too and it made her stumble during her chat with Hugh Dancy. “Me too!! That’s why I stumbled when I said it,” she replied to the viewer.

Dreyer’s Home Life Is A ‘Nightmare’

The Today host has been spending a lot of time with her family recently, which may be why she’s picking up on their accents. Recently, she has shared several snapshots of her kids around the house.

Last week, she shared a photo of her son preparing his own lunch. According to Dreyer, this is something new for him but he’s wanted to make his own lunch every day.


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In the shot, you can see her son with mashed avocado on some bread, muenster cheese, and carrots. However, the background of the photo caught many people’s attention.

Behind her son, bottles on a drying rack, open kids’ Tylenol, kitchen utensils, and a pile of papers could be seen. She also recently shared a selfie that included a messy kitchen table in the background.

Fans feel like it makes her even more relatable. “Your counter makes me feel normal. Clean bottles drying and a fresh Tylenol. Kids man,” one person commented. Dylan replied to the comment saying, “Oh man and that’s just what you can see! It’s a nightmare.”

Despite having a hectic home (like many of us), Dylan Dreyer is becoming a fan favorite for Today viewers. What do you think? Are you a fan of Dylan’s? Let us know in the comments!

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