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Showtime Cancels New Show Before It Ever Airs

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Showtime just announced it is canceling one of its anticipated new shows. The strange thing is that it canceled the show before it ever aired a single episode. It is also already filmed, so this creates a puzzling moment.

Here is what we know about Showtime canceling the show and what is next.

Showtime Cancels New Show After Merging With Paramount+

Showtime and Paramount+ just announced they were merging and rebranding the long-time premium cable service. The new service will be called Paramount+ with Showtime and it will mean that all the premium shows that once aired exclusively on the premium cable network will now merge with the Paramount+ streaming service.

However, as is the case when someone new takes over a network, changes occur. In this case, Showtime canceled a pair of shows after one season. Those were American Gigolo and Let the Right One In. Both shows expected a second season, and now they are finished without any further episodes.

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Even worse, the upcoming series Three Women was also canceled. What makes this worse was that the show has been filmed and production completed, but no episodes have been released yet. Now, it won’t ever air, at least on Showtime. The producers are shopping the show to other networks and streaming services.

Three Women was based on the 2019 non-fiction book by Lisa Taddeo. Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies) was the main star in the series. Betty Gilpin, DeWanda Wise, Gabrielle Creevy, and Blair Underwood also starred in the series. The book was about the sexuality of three women. One woman was raped as a teen. Another was a teenager involved in a relationship with her teacher. The third was a woman whose husband liked to watch her have sex with other people.

HBO Max Did Something Similar Last Year

This is not something new, as a similar thing happened last year. Discovery purchased Warner Bros and began to make wholesale changes. These changes involved taking a movie that was already finished filming and canceling it. However, what Warner Bros-Discovery did was much worse.

While Paramount+ with Showtime allowed the Three Women producers to try to find a new home, Warner Bros-Discovery shelved DC Comics’ Batgirl forever. It was filmed and finished, but by guaranteeing it would never get released, the company used it as a tax write-off.

That was part of an overall purging, as the company also took several shows off HBO Max just to keep from paying residuals to the creators. It is not clear if Paramount+ with Showtime plans to remove any favorites from its service now that they are merging.

What are your thoughts about Showtime canceling Three Women? Do you hope it finds a new home so fans can see it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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