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‘One Piece’ Netflix Live-Action Adaptation Releases First Poster

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One Piece, one of the most popular anime of all time, is finally getting a live-action adaptation with Netflix. The expectations for this adaptation are all over the place. One Piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga of all time. The anime currently has 1,043 episodes and the manga has 104 volumes spanning over 20 years. The fanbase is naturally very passionate about this title and is warily optimistic about seeing a western take on the series. With all of that said, we officially have the first poster for the upcoming series. With it, we get our first real look at live-action Monkey D. Luffy along with an official release window.

For The First Time In Live Action

The poster hit the internet recently courtesy of the official One Piece on Netflix social media accounts. It doesn’t show too much but it does give reasons for excitement.

one piece netflix live action poster
The first poster for ‘One Piece’ the live-action series on Netflix

“Adventure is on the horizon! One Piece sets sail in 2023,” reads the caption for the official poster on Twitter.

It’s been theorized for some time that we would be getting this series in 2023. But having the official confirmation now is certainly nice. More than likely, it will be showing up as a part of Netflix’s fall release schedule. That means we’ll be getting a more specific release date likely sometime this summer.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator and writer of the One Piece manga, is an executive producer of this live-action adaptation. One Piece has been his life’s work since 1997, so hopefully he’s doing everything he can to ensure this is the best adaptation possible. Steven Maeda is one of the showrunners. He’s written for a number of successful shows in the past from Lost to X-Files. So it seems like there is a solid amount of talent working on this production. We’ll see how it all turns out sometime later this year.

One Piece On Netflix

Eiichiro Oda Netflix One Piece YouTube
Monkey D. Luffy of the wildly successful ‘One Piece’ anime

One Piece has been a major part of Netflix’s anime catalog for a while, despite not being a Netflix-produced anime. This isn’t their first attempt to adapt a popular anime into live-action. Many of their previous attempts have been… poor at best. It doesn’t take much research to see how negatively the majority of people reacted to Netflix live-action adaptations of Cowboy Bebop and Death Note. Hopefully, One Piece will fare much better. The fanbase will certainly let Netflix know if it doesn’t.

One Piece the live-action series is set to arrive on Netflix sometime later in 2023. Netflix currently has about half of the entire anime series available for streaming. If you want to watch every episode from start to finish, Crunchyroll has the over 1,000 episodes currently out available in the US.

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