Jon Bernthal Returning As Punisher To The MCU?

Marvel’s The Punisher

There are rumors that Jon Bernthal could return to his role as Punisher in the MCU. Bernthal played Punisher in the Marvel Netflix world, and he could end up joining his former castmates on Disney+ next. This all comes on the heels of his recent streaming series cancelation.

Here is what we know about Jon Bernthal and the Punisher rumors.

Could Jon Bernthal Return As Punisher?

Jon Bernthal was a popular pick to play Punisher in the Marvel Netflix world of street-level heroes. Bernthal, who previously picked up a lot of genre fans with his role as Shane in The Walking Dead joined Marvel in the Daredevil series before getting his own show on Netflix.

However, when Marvel took over almost all their properties and launched Disney+, Netflix canceled all the Marvel shows on the platform. Bernthal moved on to his next project, which was the Showtime series American Gigolo. This series was based on the classic drama starring Richard Gere.

Marvel’s The Punisher

With Showtime merging with Pararmount+, several changes have happened on the premium cable network. One of these was the cancelation of American Gigolo. This comes just as rumors began that Bernthal was considering a return to Marvel.

Bernthal wanted a third season of the Punisher series on Netflix, but then all the Marvel shows ended up canceled. However, he said that he will always share a connection with Frank Castle, and if Marvel calls, he will be ready to go for more. Now, that could happen.

Marvel Netflix Moving To The MCU

Many fans thought they had seen the last of the Netflix Marvel heroes. That all changed with Spider-Man: No Way Home when blind attorney Matt Murdock showed up to defend Peter Parker from murder charges. Then, in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Matt was back as both his attorney and as the costumed vigilante Daredevil.

Marvel’s The Punisher

With that, the first Netflix Marvel hero showed up in the proper MCU. Kingpin, a villain in both Daredevil and Punisher, also made his return in Hawkeye. Vincent D’onfrio was back as Wilson Fisk and will return again in the upcoming Disney+ series Echo.

Since then, there have been rumors that Krysten Ritter could return as Jessica Jones and Jon Bernthal as Punisher. When asked about these actors, Charlie Cox (Daredevil) said he would love to have any of them back with him in the MCU. “It was an absolute delight to work with everyone on all of those shows at Netflix,” he said. “They were the beating heart of all of those shows. I would be honored and thrilled to work with any of them again.”

Do you want to see Jon Bernthal back as Punisher in the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The Punisher NEEDS to come back and no one other than John Bernthal can play that part…ever. They BOTH belong in the MCU!

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