Gwendlyn Brown Blasts Kody For His Lies About Christine

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Gwendlyn Brown dauntlessly takes aim at her father as she blasts him for his lies about her mother Christine in her latest YouTube video. As her brother Paedon revealed, Gwen is doing exactly what Kody feared as he pleaded with TLC to include gag orders in his children’s contracts to prevent them from talking smack about him. Neither TLC nor Christine was willing to entertain it as a possibility and now his adult children are free to trash-talk him as more and more family tea gets spilled.

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Gwendlyn Brown blasts Kody for his lies about Christine

As those who follow Kody and Christine’s daughter know, she’s been uploading videos of herself watching and reacting to episodes of Season 17 of Sister Wives. In her most recent upload to YouTube, she’s calling out her father’s lies he’s spewed about her mother Christine.

In one scene, Kody Brown accuses Christine of whispering bad things about him in the ears of their children and pitting them all against him. Gwen clears the air stating the accusations by her father simply were not true. In fact, if anything, the roles were reversed. Gwendlyn Brown fesses up to the fact that they dislike Kody more than Christine does. And, they likely played a role in convincing her to leave him.

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In a separate scene, Kody Brown argues that his estranged relationships with various children are “not always” his fault before placing the blame on the mothers. Again, Gwen is happy to clear the air noting that it is, in fact, her father’s fault they have a strained relationship. Moreover, she adds that it is cruel and unfair for him to try and blame Christine for his own issues.

It’s not fair for him to blame it on my mom when he’s the one that’s not showing up. I probably am the worst one in the situation because I complained all the time about how my dad hadn’t shown up… it’s definitely not my mom. It was most likely, if anyone was feeding information to her, it was probably me.”

Gwendlyn Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Gwendlyn Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

She also reacted to Kody spending so much time with Robyn’s kids

Gwendlyn Brown insisted it was “excessive” for Kody to insist he couldn’t go more than two or three days without seeing the younger children he shared with Robyn Brown. She clarified that they should be able to see their father as much as they wanted, but he had tons of other children that were not getting any of his love or attention because of how much he hunkered down with Robyn.

How do you feel about Gwendlyn Brown calling her father out for his lies? Do you think this is what he was worried about when he tried to use TLC to gag his children? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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