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Ginger Zee Gets Hate For Her ‘Emily In Paris’ Inspired Bangs

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Ginger Zee has a whole new look. Yet, not everyone is on board with it. The Good Morning America meteorologist was inspired by the new season of Emily in Paris. She got the idea while she was sick with the flu. She proudly called them “flu bangs” when she first debuted them on Instagram.

Now, she’s getting major hate for her haircut. This comes after Ginger has battled trolls over everything over her looks and work attire. Some even claim that the GMA co-anchor doesn’t care about her career anymore. Find out more about Ginger’s new hairstyle and what the haters are saying.

Ginger Zee [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Ginger Zee debuts her “flu bangs”

The former Dancing with the Stars cast member unveiled her new look on Instagram. She showed off her haircut and bangs in the video. The flu inspired Ginger Zee. She wanted to get bangs since she watched the latest season of Emily in Paris. On the show, Emily (Lily Collins) gets bangs because she’s going through a major life change.

“I call these flu bangs. Flu bangs,” Ginger Zee said proudly. “I’m just happy to be alive. You don’t even know me. I’m calling them ‘flu bangs’ — because I’m so grateful I survived. Life is short, cut bangs also, I may or may not have watched all 3 seasons of @emilyinparis when I was sick & had a little @lilyjcollins inspiration — no trauma here, just flu.”

Ginger Zee Shows Off Her Bangs [Ginger Zee | Instagram Stories]
[Ginger Zee | Instagram Stories]
Ginger looked happy with her makeover. She even included a snapshot of the gym that featured her in a blue tank top with a black sports bra. The television personality took a break from her workout to show off her new look. This comes just months later after Ginger dyed her hair to match the trees outside.

GMA meteorologist shuts down haters

Ginger Zee got major hate for her Emily In Paris-inspired look. She’s reminding people that she’s a “human who is just having some fun.” This time, Ginger took to Instagram to share the hate that she’s been getting for her new hairstyle. Last week, she unveiled the look on Good Morning America, in which she wore curly hair and bangs.

Some fans have sent messages that read: “LOVE THE BANGS” and “Your hair looks awesome.” However, not all the comments were positive. One hater wrote: “Not liking Ginger’s new haircut at all” with a disappointed emoji.

“When you write to this account you are telling me, Ginger. A human who is just having some fun,” Ginger Zee responded. “But thanks for your opinion! Have a blessed day!”

Ginger Zee Gets Criticism [Ginger Zee | Instagram]
[Ginger Zee | Instagram]
Once again, fans reminded her to ignore the hate. They’re aware that Ginger has been battling trolls on Twitter. Others told her to do whatever she wants with her hair. Some argued that those comments don’t matter unless she likes the critics.

What are your thoughts on Ginger Zee’s Emily in Paris-inspired bangs? Do you love them? Or, do you hate them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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