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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Reminds Fans She Is A Real Person

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown delivered her second son Cove last week. The pregnancy was a tough one and Cove ended up in NICU for a few days as he struggled to breathe on his own. However, once she was able to take him home, she had to struggle with seeing online trolls attacking her and the family even during this happy time.

Here is what Raiven had to say to these online trolls.

Raiven Brown lashes out at online trolls

Raiven Brown and her husband Bear were overjoyed when their second son, Cove, came into the world. Both have shared photos and talked about their story as the baby ended up in NICU until he was healthy enough to go home. The official Alaskan Bush People Instagram page shared the joyous news.

However, some fans can’t respect anyone and decided to use the photo of the baby and the news of his birth with contempt. One fan made a crazy comment about the “boys” not taking long to “get busy.” Raiven seemed confused since Bear is 35 and this is his second child. However, that comment was not the worst of the batch.

Raiven Brown son Cove - IG

The very next one on the page told Raiven to “stop breeding.” Raiven responded, “no,” but then she couldn’t hold back anymore when someone else posted, “we really don’t need more of you.” That is when she cut loose on the trolls.

“What you really need is a therapist,” Raiven responded. “But my children aren’t for you lol so no problem.” When a fan said that Raiven should just ignore the trolls, she had the perfect response. “I respond sometimes just to remind people we are actual humans with actual feelings.”

Raiven Brown and Bear prepare for new family dynamics

Raiven Brown had a tough pregnancy. She has been on bedrest since November and then ended up moving back to Texas to be closer to her family. It also ensured she was closer to hospitals because it was a three-hour drive to a good hospital from the family’s mountain home.

Now that Cove is here, Raiven and Bear prepare to start their lives again with two sons, as Cove joins River. Raiven already believes that River and Cove will be the best of friends, so they are off to a good start.

Raiven Brown son Cove on IG

There is no word on whether Alaskan Bush People will get a new season. However, it was one of the top-ranked reality shows on TV last season, so the chances are high. The last season started its episodes around February 2022, so the next season might start after Cove’s birth and could show the new family dynamic.

What are your thoughts about people who live their life just to insult others on social media? Does Raiven Brown have a point that it is important to remind everyone that they are real people with feelings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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