Truely Brown Finally Ready For Christine To Replace Kody?

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Truely Brown seems fairly happy now that she and her mother, Christine live in Utah. Yet, is she ready to watch her mother start dating and for her father to be replaced? It appears that she is much more open than Kody may want to believe. Read on for more details.

Truely Brown Finally Ready For Christine To Replace Kody?

It seemed that Truely Brown understood why her parents had split up. More so, she has been happier since she moved to Utah. Even when she came back to visit her father, Kody, there was a level of awkwardness. Truely would go to Kody and Robyn’s home but openly say that she did not know if she was going to stay the night. It did not even appear that she had brought pajamas so they were attempting to figure out what she would wear to bed. So, is the tween ready for her mother, Christine to start dating and replace Kody?

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Recently, Christine took to her Instagram to ask for dating advice. Apparently, she has been trying online dating but has found it very awkward. Therefore, she asked her followers for some help navigating it all. More so, she is dating at fifty so that makes it even harder for her at this point. Does that mean her youngest daughter is ready for her to bring new men around? Most likely. Keep in mind that Kody was absent for quite some time so it never really felt as though Truely had a present father. So someone who could offer that would be great. Plus, Truely has been helping Christine stay cool.

Christine Brown/IG
Christine Brown/IG

Truely Brown encouraged Christine to do the dance that Jenna Ortega made famous on the Netflix series, Wednesday. She took to her TikTok in a sleek all-black ensemble to show off her moves with Truely making an appearance. It is clear she is encouraging her mother to have more fun and get back out there as much as possible. She has already seen her father have multiple wives so having Christine date a new man would probably not be that strange.

A Healthy Relationship

Ysabel Brown was really happy that Truely Brown was going to be moving to Utah with their mother. She felt that would be saving her sister in so many ways. By moving, Truely would be closer to their sisters Aspyn and Mykelti. Both women are in functioning and healthy marriages and Ysabel believed her sister needed to see this.

After years of watching their parents in dysfunction, Truely needed to learn what a healthy marriage was all about. The same went for Ysabel who went to live with her sister and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush. She was in a healthy marriage to Caleb so there was a lot she could benefit from, as well. Now it seems everyone is flourishing away from the plural family.

Do you think Truely Brown is really ready for her mother to date someone new? Would she mind having a father figure around? Let us know in the comments below.


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